Will Religious Freedom Continue to Ring?

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If America persecutes Christians so badly, she should try living in Pakistan, Iran, or North Korea. THEN she can grouse  & kvetch about persecution & ” oppression “, etc.

Oddly enough, in half a heartbeat, these same folks would start a theocracy where no differing opinions, views or expressions thereof would be tolerated. But Christians should be given a free pass, I guess…..

Trust me, any group would get the same ” no confidence ” vote from me – Religious, extreme Dawkins atheist, neo – Conservative, Uber – Liberal or extreme vegan. Religious extremists get little to no sympathy from me even in the U.S. Bible Belt anymore than any other group.



Black Conspiracy Theory 101: Did Chick-fil-A’s President Say ‘We Don’t Like Blacks Either’?

I really have no idea what to think about this. Contemporary media seems to think that depicting Southern U.S. ” Bible Belt ” companies & groups as ” racist ” & homophobic as well as mega – Conservative ( & I have known & do presently some Southerners who are extremely Conservative, like in my own family ) can boost readership / viewership.

Chick – fil – a makes a TASTY ( If somewhat cholesterol – laden ) line of poultry – based items, but ever since my big move in ’08, I haven’t seen a Chick – Fil – A, nor do I really miss them. & I’m trying to eat healthier, too. So, unless one opens up a couple of blocks away, I’m not going to stress about boycotting them.

What bothers me is that the founders & managers are – or at least CLAIM to be – Christian conservatives espousing family values. The last time I checked, homophobia & racism were DEFINITELY NOT Christian family values. Unless you were a Tea Party member or member of the Religious Right. If so, they probably support Donald & Ted, too.

& if one DOES open up a block or 2 away, I’m not going, because of their closed – minded views & the cholesterol levels, tasty though their fast – food treats may seem.


In June 2012, fast-food chain Chick-fil-A was placed in an extremely unfavorable light following a series of public comments made by its chief operating officer and son of the company’s found…

Source: Black Conspiracy Theory 101: Did Chick-fil-A’s President Say ‘We Don’t Like Blacks Either’?

Gods not dead review—http://creation.com/gods-not-dead-review

I have never talked about this subject before. I saw it after it had been in theaters for a relatively short time. I give the studio & actors an ” A ” for effort, but the plot left me cold, mostly preaching to the converted, like patting them on the back collectively, then giving us characters of 1 – dimensional cardboard – Heartless, cold, cynical atheists ( Mostly Professor Radisson as portrayed by Kevin Sorbo ), unsympathetic materialistic businessmen ( Dean Cain ), & rather hateful stereotypes of other faiths – The Muslim father who finds out that his daughter is listening to the Bible on an iPod & tosses her around like a ragdoll before sending her packing. The only thing lacking is putting red skin, horns, hooves on all the ” bad guys ” & showing them holding pitch – forks.

Playing for the other team – The believers are all portrayed as pretty much squeaky – clean & almost without spot or blemish. Let’s give them wings, halos, harps & a heavenly glow.

The premise – if a professor tried, basically, to get his class to proclaim that God is dead, or never existed in the place, I believe he’d pretty much be told to empty out his office & to not let the door hit him on the butt on his egress. I had a professor in forensic anatomy / evolutionary & he never ONCE told us that adherents of the Abrahamic faiths were wrong or deluded even though he ( Dr. William Bass ) is an atheist. He never blatantly stuffed the concept of Darwinian evolution down our throats & / or said that Genesis was nonsense. He had no anti – God or anti – Judaeo – Christian agenda like Professor Radisson appeared to.

& the film pretty much ends with poor Professor Radisson getting smacked by a car in the rain, then making a ” deathbed ” ( deathstreet ? ) conversion, while a missionary & pastor from some unnamed African country rejoice over his conversion. CALL AN AMBULANCE ! or at least get him to a morgue, for decency’s sake.

The only thing worse, just in this observer’s humble opinion, is that there’s a 2nd movie out, ” God’s Not Dead 2 ” or some such. PASS.

There are better ways to spend the price of admission – Contributing to a homeless outreach, shelter for battered wives & children, a local soup kitchen or food pantry.

_______________________________________________________________________holy water1107

This Christian movie falls short of proving that God is not dead

Source: Gods not dead review—http://creation.com/gods-not-dead-review

Is the Bible Literally True? No, Of Course Not!

A nice, objective opinion, which means that a lot of Religious Right zealots will be madder than a Baptist in a brothel, a wet hen, a poked bear, you get my drift about this. My own relatives, for instance, who are very religiously AND politically ultra – conservative come to mind. In fact, I may send this little Op – Ed piece just to stir them up. I owe them. 🙂

I was RAISED religious, but as I grew older, I started to think more critically about such matters. Christian scripture has been through many, many hands over many, many lifetimes, & humans are fallible beings, so therefore the Bible is NOT 100 % infallible after being interpreted & re – interpreted by all those different hands.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, printed his OWN version of ” The Good Book “. I’m not sure of the contents, but if I recall correctly, his version omitted much of the Old Testament ( Which so many Religious Right followers tend to follow rather than the teachings of Jesus, strangely enough ), & so many different publishing houses have published different versions of the Bible that it can, IMHO, no longer be referred to as the ” inerrant word of God ” ( Which probably means that Samson probably DIDN’T slay a thousand with the jaw – bone of an ass, or that the Earth / possibly the entire universe was not created in a period of 6 literal 24 – hour days, or that Jesus was not born on 25 December ( more likely towards the early Spring ) ). Bishop Usher added the part about the Earth being created 6,000 years ago.

Is the Bible historically accurate, & if so, how much ? I don’t pretend to know, & my time machine is being re – tuned. 🙂 They obviously didn’t fact – check during those days. So my answer would very likely be a firm ” NO “.

Just some thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon, as I am getting used to this relatively  Dell Inspiron computer.

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The Donald Trump Trainwreck

Well.  I must’ve been mistaken. Or half – awake. Or BOTH. I thought I read a Beliefnet piece taking up for The Donald being persecuted for his faith ( although I think that he believes that he’s God. 🙂 ). Personally I think his whole campaign has been a multi – gazillion dollar publicity stunt.

Hey – if he wants he can move Trump Towers, Trump Plaza AND his casinos airlifted & shipped a section at a time to an island in the Pacific ( he could do Nauru Island a WORLD of good. Look up Nauru to see what I mean. Or Pitcairn. ) or someplace in the Caribbean.

His ego would take up 2 / 3rds of the space.

I also believe that Ann Coulter is a secret liberal who fakes being a raging hyper – conservative. 🙂


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9 Reasons My God’s Not Dead

Okay….. God’s not dead, BUT, He’s just tired of knee – jerk, behind – kissing followers who act like GROUPIES & don’t actually put the teachings of Jesus into practice  ( feeding the poor & homeless, teaching the illiterate, helping the sick, aiding the less fortunate, etc.), or Buddhists who just sit & chant, or Muslims who observe the Five Pillars of the Islamic faith.

I don’t really like the pat answers like ” you can see God in a sunrise “, & such. Generic, pious platitudes that seem deep for a few moments but aren’t very satisfying. Chocolate for the soul.

I, like the original Founding Fathers, consider myself a Deist. They believed in A god, just not necessarily ” Big G ” God. My belated disclaimer.

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Ideas on ” Would Mike Huckabee Lead Us Towards a Christian Government? “

Apparently Beliefnet doesn’t like the concept of ” Separation of Church & State “. Pity.

The Right – Wing extremists ( OK, a LOT of them, but not every single one. ) would like nothing better than a Christian theocracy. They don’t speak for everyone. & quite frankly reading their spiel about ” Getting God back into government ” is getting a mite tedious. And they’re predominantly Republican, so – ” NO Votes For You ! Come Back 4 Years ! ” ( Paraphrasing Seinfeld’s ” Soup Nazi ” character ).

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Bernie Sanders: Democratic Socialist

This is too true : too many people link ” Socialist ” & ” Communist ” together. This guy took the words right out of my ” mouth ” ( in a manner of speaking ). Sanders is a NEW ( to some ) type of Democrat & an alternative to the GOP – ” Party of ‘ NO ‘, also of fear, paranoia, hatred & bigotry “. I’m sorry, but it’s true, & the Hillary Clinton Democrats who want to be beholden to Big Business. He seems to be a very viable candidate.


Source: Bernie Sanders: Democratic Socialist

Sarah Palin Goes On A Demented Mentally Unstable Rant About Obama While Endorsing Trump

Again, an endorsement by Sarah Palin is a potential ” kiss of death ” for a political campaign. Her track record speaks for itself – She gets into a race, she leaves. She gets elected or appointed, she leaves. Doesn’t speak well for her character. Even the Grand Dame of the GOP, Barbara Bush advised her to do the GOP a favour & stay in Alaska on her front porch. Even John McCain admits that picking Sarah Palin as his VP running mate was a mistake.

If a Republican decides to run for something, local or more Capitol – centric, & Sarah offers to endorse their effort – Lock the door ! Don’t accept any calls !

___________________________________________________________________Jabba Trump 16 - 1

Sarah Palin was supposed to be endorsing Donald Trump, but within moments of taking the stage, Palin unleashed a demented and mentally unstable rant about President Obama.

Source: Sarah Palin Goes On A Demented Mentally Unstable Rant About Obama While Endorsing Trump

A Little Commentary – Are We in Danger of becoming Automatons of Faith?

I was raised in a religious home, with a fairly religious background – even though, truth be known, church was an almost excrutiatingly boring experience as a child = The pastor had little patience in dealing with kids & adolescents / teens – anyway, I was still fairly religious, & reasonably sure in the Protestant Christian faith.

Later in life, I could see people who appeared to just go through the motions, & I could see those that said one thing & did pretty much the exact opposite. & those who believed things just because ” it says so in the Bible “. I have a cousin who I love dearly, but ask her to even take an objective look at what she believes, & you’re probably safer in the path of a funnel – cloud while being in a mine – field with packs of C – 4 around your waist. 🙂

I think people would be better examining why they believe what they believe instead of just taking things ” on faith “, which is a contradiction, I realize. Some people don’t question beliefs because they were raised in them most of their lives, of course. But to examine is HEALTHY.


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