Passion for Pontificating on 3 – D ” Printing “

Okay, maybe not ” pontificating “, & I wish that the industry would come up with another term besides ” printing  “, but it’s just such a fascinating subject that I feel a certain attraction to it.

& I could almost believe that Gene Roddenberry foretold the whole thing in the various incarnations of Star Trek.

I’m particularly interested in the medical applications of 3 – D ” printing ” & making humanity’s lot just a tiny bit better in that regard – Skin, organ & muscle tissue, or substances similar to them, that can help a lot of people with disorders, diseases & the results of accidents.

If we’re ” playing God “, then I prefer to think God / a Higher Power would say ” Go for it “.

As usual ( Disclaimer ) I can’t always vouch for the accuracy of these links.


New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

This makes me wish I could see one in real – time action. I confess, for all my enthusiasm, I have only seen them in videos – LOTS & LOTS of videos ! It’s like describing one of the Apollo launches when I was nowhere near Kennedy Space Center / the Cape back then.
I believe this can become a ” Cottage Industry ” just like weaving or wine – making were not so terribly long ago. Or they’ll steadily become as ubiquitous & inexpensive as the replicators in the Star Trek universe.

Source: New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

Republicans Refuse To Condemn Saudi and American Evangelical Religious Police As ‘ISIS-Like’

I have NO room for ISIS extremists, Christian hyper – Evangelicals on steroids who want to turn the U.S. into ” Jesus – Land ” & ostracize everyone who ISN’T a WASP Christian ( Or at least programmed with their particular version of Protestant Fundamentalist Christianity & xenophobic distrust / hatred. ) or the ” Extreme ” atheists who believe that everyone who believes in things unseen & unmeasurable are poor mindless, blind, deluded sheep – or maybe lemmings.
To be continued, again, later –
To a substantial number of people if they talk like ISIS and behead people for religious non-compliance like ISIS, the Saudis are ISIS-like.

Source: Republicans Refuse To Condemn Saudi and American Evangelical Religious Police As ‘ISIS-Like’

Franken Flatworms Grow Heads and Brains of Other Species

Call them chameleons, chimera, the multi – taskers of the animal kingdom.
They show some unusual behaviour ( s ) & maybe these little critters would share some secrets with us about changing & alteration ( Says the man who resembles Jason Alexander / George Costanza more than he does George Clooney. 🙂 ) even though researchers altered THEM 1st.
This world will never really stop ceasing to amaze me – At least in terms of nature & science.
Without altering a single DNA molecule, researchers engineered a flatworm to grow the heads of different species.

Source: Franken Flatworms Grow Heads and Brains of Other Species

Humans Season 2 cast – Humans AMC TV show – Humans spoilers, pictures

robot-faceI LOVED, LOVED, ** LOVED ** the 1st season of ” HUMANS ” on AMC. I was hoping for a 2nd season & it looks like this will come to pass.
It’s like ” Blade Runner “, ” I, Robot ” ( in series form ) ” A.I. ” & several other concepts about artificial intelligence & ” synthetic people ” blended together.
& humanoid robots exist – although they’re mostly used for P.R. purposes & mostly in Japan & Korea. They can’t do any ” heavy lifting ” & just how artificially – intelligent they are is up for debate. I think the humanoid robots / androids that exist now in the real world are just very – cleverly programmed puppets / electronic marionettes.
But they DO exist, & IF ( Big ” IF ” ) some ideas that I’ve heard have any weight at all, robots & synthetic people might be a reality before the mid – 21st century. AND they’d be affordable ( Maybe on a ” rent to own ” basis ? ) as well.
So the idea ( s ) behind ” HUMANS ” might not be so far – fetched after all ( I said, with memories of ” Small Wonder ” & The early Disney Channel’s ” Not Quite Human ” drifting through my mind – & Asimov’s robot stories, of course ). I’ll be looking forward to see how the plot develops. Would they be servants, or equals ?
Humans Season 2 cast, spoilers, pictures, bios, latest news, show summary, forum and more. Humans (TV show) on AMC is a drama series, based on the award-winning Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans, that is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth — a highly developed, artificially intelligent servant eerily similar to its living counterpart.

Source: Humans Season 2 cast – Humans AMC TV show – Humans spoilers, pictures

#just some thoughts VIII

Interesting analysis of fear, a response linked to caution, that while unpleasant, can be a life – & – limb – saver.
Only when a fear runs rampant can it seriously hold a person back, or even hamstringing them.


An unpleasant emotion caused due to the threat of danger, pain or harm.


You wanna run away from it. Far away. So far that not even its shadow can get near you. But you fail to outrun it. It continues to hover above your head, waiting for its chance to get to you. To harm you. To cause you pain.
No matter how hard you try it follows you like your own shadow.
Your hands are getting cold. You are perspiring. Your eyes can’t stay focused at a point. Everywhere you look, you see it. Your limbs stop functioning the proper way. Your mouth runs dry. You can’t swallow. You shut your eyes thinking that blinding your eyesight will be the solution. But its not helping. You feel your surroundings. Thinking that its there. Right next you. Getting closer every second. You can hear you heart thumping so very…

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3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry

Revolutionary ! & it’s going to be even better in the future. If it can ” print ” DNA, what won’t it be able to next.
I think the 1st movie to even HINT at the possibility of 3 – D ” printing ” was Sam Raimi’s 1990 ” Darkman ” ( Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake / ” Darkman ” ) involving a scientist who can fabricate synthetic skin for burn victims / other disfigurements often employing photography.
I’ve said it before : I’m somewhat HOOKED on this science application.

Source: 3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry