The Donald Trump Trainwreck

Well.  I must’ve been mistaken. Or half – awake. Or BOTH. I thought I read a Beliefnet piece taking up for The Donald being persecuted for his faith ( although I think that he believes that he’s God. 🙂 ). Personally I think his whole campaign has been a multi – gazillion dollar publicity stunt.

Hey – if he wants he can move Trump Towers, Trump Plaza AND his casinos airlifted & shipped a section at a time to an island in the Pacific ( he could do Nauru Island a WORLD of good. Look up Nauru to see what I mean. Or Pitcairn. ) or someplace in the Caribbean.

His ego would take up 2 / 3rds of the space.

I also believe that Ann Coulter is a secret liberal who fakes being a raging hyper – conservative. 🙂


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Ideas on ” Would Mike Huckabee Lead Us Towards a Christian Government? “

Apparently Beliefnet doesn’t like the concept of ” Separation of Church & State “. Pity.

The Right – Wing extremists ( OK, a LOT of them, but not every single one. ) would like nothing better than a Christian theocracy. They don’t speak for everyone. & quite frankly reading their spiel about ” Getting God back into government ” is getting a mite tedious. And they’re predominantly Republican, so – ” NO Votes For You ! Come Back 4 Years ! ” ( Paraphrasing Seinfeld’s ” Soup Nazi ” character ).

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