The Donald Trump Trainwreck

Well.  I must’ve been mistaken. Or half – awake. Or BOTH. I thought I read a Beliefnet piece taking up for The Donald being persecuted for his faith ( although I think that he believes that he’s God. 🙂 ). Personally I think his whole campaign has been a multi – gazillion dollar publicity stunt.

Hey – if he wants he can move Trump Towers, Trump Plaza AND his casinos airlifted & shipped a section at a time to an island in the Pacific ( he could do Nauru Island a WORLD of good. Look up Nauru to see what I mean. Or Pitcairn. ) or someplace in the Caribbean.

His ego would take up 2 / 3rds of the space.

I also believe that Ann Coulter is a secret liberal who fakes being a raging hyper – conservative. 🙂


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White Supremacists Think Trump Will Save them From Fantasy Oppression

Yeah – If you consider Hades to be a Promised Land, sure. Trump will lead the white supremacists there. He’ll promise anybody anything. I wrote in another post that Trump could not be the Biblical ” Anti – Christ “, because, while Trump has followers & charisma similar to the Anti – Christ, The Donald is also a clown & a bully whom everyone else thinks is an ass with a VERY high opinion of himself.

If this orange – haired bozo makes it into the White House, it’ll be proof that ” The Land of the Free ” is also the land of the extremely gullible – & also the day that Satan rides to work in a snow – plow to oversee the opening of an NHL training camp.:) & Satan will be bullied by The Donald.

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White supremacists, convinced they are somehow an oppressed group, think Donald Trump will lead them to a mysterious promised land

Source: White Supremacists Think Trump Will Save them From Fantasy Oppression

In The Battle For The Soul Of The Republican Party, Trump’s ‘White Nationalism’ Is Winning

And THIS is why the Republican Party is doomed. They either lost their collective soul or sold it.
And why we won’t have a Republican president unless this country Loses. Its. Mind. OR the GOP gets a massive overhaul & ” lifestyle – lift “.
Trump, who is running a blatantly racist and xenophobic campaign, holds a double digit lead in the GOP presidential race.

Source: In The Battle For The Soul Of The Republican Party, Trump’s ‘White Nationalism’ Is Winning