8 Sad Truths You Realize When Re-Watching Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap was / is a TV series that I * wasn’t * a super – devoted follower of, as opposed to, say, Stargate SG1, Stargate : Atlantis, ST : The Next Generation, VOY or Being Human or even The Walking Dead ( in the sci – fi, fantasy,horror, action mega – genre ) but I’d have liked to have seen TPTB do right by it. Please, no reboots.

We Minored in Film

It is hard to hate Quantum Leap, the NBC sci-fi series which debuted in 1989 and was canceled in 1993 after completing its fifth season.  The show is so utterly well-meaning, following the lovably gee-whiz Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as a scientist whose experiment “leaves him leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping that his next leap will be the leap home.”  That just warms the heart, doesn’t it?  On the other hand, Quantum Leap is very easy to mock, largely due to its remarkably earnest tone, with many “very special episodes,” like a sci-fi Blossom.  Sam is fate’s grunt soldier, fixing broken relationships, saving one life at a time, and occasionally running into young versions of celebrities, e.g., Stephen King, Buddy Holly and Michael Jackson.  However, he’s constantly faced with the prejudices of our past which leads to plenty…

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LED lighting helps preserve Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Wow ! After some quick – & – ” dirty ” research ( that’s why God made Google. 🙂 ), I happened across an article about my FAVOURITE architect – artist, none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, whom I have several books about, including a fold – out book re.: The Imperial Hotel in Japan, & a history of his Usonian architecture – Small, but with the ability to integrate the exterior with the interior, usually via glass walls. & energy – efficient, environmentally – friendly.

I’m sure Mr. Wright would approve the use of LED lighting in Taliesin West.

For myself, an addition to my ” bucket list ” would be a leisurely trip across the USA to see examples of his Usonian & Prairie Style houses, perhaps even Fallingwater in NJ ( even though being built around a stream caused problems with the structure in later years, I understand ).


:Preservation is not a new science, but LED lighting technology is making it easier for historic landmarks around the globe to preserve their legacy for the 21st century and beyond.

Source: LED lighting helps preserve Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Graphic Mythology: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman / Princess Diana might be considered a sort of. ” artificial being “, then, almost ” immaculately conceived ” ?



It’s time to come full-circle.  Since I started this series, enough time has elapsed for me to do some background research on Wonder Woman, a character that I read about only a little when I was a boy. I will date myself by mentioning that I remember the Silver Age of comics when each issue cost only ten cents. That was also my weekly allowance, and I would walk two blocks to Sullivan’s drugstore on the north side of Indianapolis to purchase the latest issue of Superman. Not much of a surprise there, but Wonder Woman was neglected.

There is more material about her than I originally thought. I mentioned in the first post of this series the original date of her release, and I honestly didn’t realize how long she had been around (since 1941). So let’s do the obvious first by going over her backstory. It is based in…

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Superman Lives: The Film That Wasn’t

I had also heard that they were considering Jack Nicholson to voice the character of ” K “, an AI stand – in for Jor – el in Superman Returns. I really have no idea what Nicolas Cage would’ve been like as Superman – especially after being up to his ears in a remake of ” Left Behind “.

eleven 17 studios

There’s not much left unsaid about Superman, he is the original superhero, a symbol in not only popular culture but also in history itself. He’s the flagship character of the massive company DC comics, and probably the most powerful character ever. All of this is no news to you, unless you grew up somewhere without paper, internet or television. As with Superman the character, Superman the movie (1978) was a cornerstone in film history. Christopher Reeve’s charm and the lighthearted tone was a perfect way to take an iconic character to the silver screen.

But, after four installments in 1987 interest in the hero had started to drop. Two years later, we got what was considered the first “gritty” depiction of a superhero with Batman (1989). The success of this film led to three sequels and three different Batmen. They were more than commercially successful, breaking records for the time…

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The Fate of the Fantastic Four

The science – fiction / fantasy /action – adventure / horror film ( which I tend to view as a meta – genre ) has yet to do the Fantastic Four right. I have NO idea why.
& DC should man – up, think outside the box, color outside the lines, dial back on the Superman / Batman movies, & do one about the Doom Patrol, a team of reluctant, freakish heroes not unlike the FF & X – Men.

eleven 17 studios

I probably talk about comics too often, I mean for a page dedicated to pop culture in general there’s quite a lot of content here dedicated to just superheroes and comic books. Though, at this point they’ve become a cornerstone of pop culture and it’s quite hard to avoid, especially when there’s a major release this week. But in light of negative reviews and the recent cancellation of its source material, not talking about the Fantastic Four is damn near impossible.

I think it’s best to start by telling you that I enjoy the premise of the Fantastic Four. Though it is a little cliché, Fantastic Four is the ideal team-up. There’s the smart one, the strong one, the funny one and…well the girl. Though they may not be the strongest team, they still are very much dependent on each other for the success and that’s really what a good…

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Going Solo: Star Wars films in the Disney Age

I was not a BIG super- fan of the prequel movies because of the ” iconic ” – a really overused word, I know – nature of the original SW trilogy, for a number of reasons, like explaining the Force away as a by – product of midichlorians ( ? ).
The best, biggest, baddest, boldest scene was when the mask is lowered down over Anakin’s face, & he becomes Darth Vader in ** all ** aspects until ” Return of the Jedi ” when he asks Luke to remove said mask as Darth. / Anakin lay dying.

eleven 17 studios

Science fiction loves a scoundrel, questionable moral judgement is how you survive in a universe full of aliens and imperial governments.  Star-Lord, Mal Reynolds, and Jack Harkness all saw their way across screens large and small, capturing our imagination and shooting first asking questions later. One though has always been quick with a joke and quicker with a gun and that is Han Solo. His origin, however has largely been untouched, only really revealed in the Han Solo Trilogy, a book series from 1997 that after the Disney buyout is non-canon and pretty much just a relic of the old expanded universe.

With the rumor mill working overtime on Star Wars movies, about every character has been mentioned for a solo flick, but only three have been confirmed: Rogue One, Boba Fett and finally Han Solo. Few characters’ origins were left out of the new trilogy, not even Boba Fett…

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