Black Conspiracy Theory 101: Did Chick-fil-A’s President Say ‘We Don’t Like Blacks Either’?

I really have no idea what to think about this. Contemporary media seems to think that depicting Southern U.S. ” Bible Belt ” companies & groups as ” racist ” & homophobic as well as mega – Conservative ( & I have known & do presently some Southerners who are extremely Conservative, like in my own family ) can boost readership / viewership.

Chick – fil – a makes a TASTY ( If somewhat cholesterol – laden ) line of poultry – based items, but ever since my big move in ’08, I haven’t seen a Chick – Fil – A, nor do I really miss them. & I’m trying to eat healthier, too. So, unless one opens up a couple of blocks away, I’m not going to stress about boycotting them.

What bothers me is that the founders & managers are – or at least CLAIM to be – Christian conservatives espousing family values. The last time I checked, homophobia & racism were DEFINITELY NOT Christian family values. Unless you were a Tea Party member or member of the Religious Right. If so, they probably support Donald & Ted, too.

& if one DOES open up a block or 2 away, I’m not going, because of their closed – minded views & the cholesterol levels, tasty though their fast – food treats may seem.


In June 2012, fast-food chain Chick-fil-A was placed in an extremely unfavorable light following a series of public comments made by its chief operating officer and son of the company’s found…

Source: Black Conspiracy Theory 101: Did Chick-fil-A’s President Say ‘We Don’t Like Blacks Either’?


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