Maysoon Zayid – Look her Up !

I caught her TED talk ” 99 problems & Cerebral Palsy’s Just One ” ( TED Talks are very often humourous, laugh out loud funny, touching, as well as educational & SERIOUS. Dah, dah, dah, dah ). Her presentation ( Yes, let’s go all SERIOUS & call it a ” presentation “. 🙂 ) was about her early life through her College, & her positive & negative experiences with cerebral palsy. I can relate, as I have c.p. & it ain’t going away anytime soon, unless there’s reincarnation, in which I get another crack at this crazy thing called life, or unless my relatives decide to ” Ted Williams ” me, in which case I spend a few centuries in the freezer section at ALCOR or the Phoenix Foundation. 🙂 Humour & disability would seem to be incongruous, but not so much as one would think. On a basic, psychological level, it’s a GREAT coping mechanism, & it can keep depression from getting to you, or anger. ( I sometimes have anger management issues, like getting used to my Dell Inspiron which is essentially a big touch – screen. Try this when you’re spastic & your medication hasn’t kicked in yet….. you’ll see, hahahahahaha. 🙂 or piloting a power chair down the road / sidewalk & the joystick goes flying into the bushes. Then you NEED a sense of humour ! Or else a very large camouflaged flask full of vodka.Anyway, I found Maysoon Zayid’s talk to be very funny AND inspiritional, even motivational. Google it !

You’re Welcome ! It was no biggie.:)

Yes…..I had been drinking

The painting ( ? ) at the post’s beginning is DEFINITELY a conversation starter. I took some photos at a local shop on the Square, & I will post THEM -IF I can get my ” smartphone ” to remember my e – mail address. Touch screen devices are NOT my friends.:)

Musings of a mad woman


Seriously autocorrect autocorrected me four times before I could even post last night so I gave up and passed out.

Apparently, I delayed posting and saved it as a draft. It was embarrassing funny and trust me I saved the world from my extreme crazy. I deleted it, but my rantings and extreme love affair with Hemingway made me laugh out loud. The planning of my scheme to drive to key west and steal a couple five finger Hemingway cats. Then a realization, why am I so damn muddy in my kitchen. Then a sudden craving for McDonald’s, but I’d have to Uber so I gave up on the Big Mac.

All I know is I made it to bed with a trail of my clothing and tears, up three stories. I blew off some much needed steam, wrote a blog post about cats and love, and at some point…

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The ignorance of tea party conservatives is so outrageous it’s scary

Endeavouring to explain how the Tea Party became the homophobic, bigoted, paranoid, mostly whites – only, Protestant Christian only, Young Earth Creationists, geocentric, I could go on & on ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad absurdum, until the cows come home, until hell freezes over, etc.

Lloyd Lofthouse

Some guy or gal named Axelrod (probably a guy but you can’t tell on the Internet) demonstrated his ignorance of the tea party movement and its claim that it only wants a smaller federal government. Axelrod revealed a truly frightening fact—that there are many really ignorant people in America who are allowed to vote. (

Axelrod claimed that the basic tenets of the Tea Party were to reduce taxes, limit the size of government and hold people responsible for their actions. Okay, but there are a lot of facts conservatives ignore that the tea party movement might be the 21st century’s racist Nazi party or Ku Klux Klan. Read on to discover why I dare say this.

Where were the tea party people when President Ray-gun (do you remember President Reagan’s Star Wars weapons program? Probably not) added $2.6 Trillion to the national…

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