DRONES. What The Hell Are They. A Primer.

Source: DRONES. What The Hell Are They. A Primer.

I would love to get my own drone with my motivation being sheer curiosity & because I will likely never pilot a manned / crewed aircraft, small OR large. I can thank a National Geographic segment about British expat Reginald Denny  for fanning the flames as well as a YouTube short 2 – minute movie showing an aerial view of the Swiss countryside & a small feature about single – use cardboard ( YES, cardboard….. ) supply drones.

A camera with HD  capabilities thereon would make things really interesting…..

A Little Commentary – Are We in Danger of becoming Automatons of Faith?

I was raised in a religious home, with a fairly religious background – even though, truth be known, church was an almost excrutiatingly boring experience as a child = The pastor had little patience in dealing with kids & adolescents / teens – anyway, I was still fairly religious, & reasonably sure in the Protestant Christian faith.

Later in life, I could see people who appeared to just go through the motions, & I could see those that said one thing & did pretty much the exact opposite. & those who believed things just because ” it says so in the Bible “. I have a cousin who I love dearly, but ask her to even take an objective look at what she believes, & you’re probably safer in the path of a funnel – cloud while being in a mine – field with packs of C – 4 around your waist. 🙂

I think people would be better examining why they believe what they believe instead of just taking things ” on faith “, which is a contradiction, I realize. Some people don’t question beliefs because they were raised in them most of their lives, of course. But to examine is HEALTHY.


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Amazon Unveils Its Delivery Drone of the Future

Meet George Jetson – or his drone. 🙂
The image of a drone landing on the roof of my apartment with packages for the folks is intriguing – I can imagine one ” dressed up ” with tinsel garlands & holiday decor about now. VERY INTRIGUING !

But the question that must still be asked – Where are our flippin’ flying cars ? Or these sizable craft that will resemble flying saucers or very ** large ** Frisbees taking people cross – country on commutes ?
But – That’s another question for yet anytime, fellow dwellers in the blog – sphere.

The company says that delivery drones could be as “normal” as mail trucks someday.

Source: Amazon Unveils Its Delivery Drone of the Future