Blue Box Withdrawal

I would put a picture of a certain blue box here, but most of my photos – Taken by me or downloaded from other sources – got wiped out when my computer had a nervous breakdown recently. I refer, of course, to the old yet new – borrowed blue, bigger on the inside iconic time / space travel – machine, the TARDIS. The preferred method of travel for the mysterious Time Lords of Gallifrey, notably the Doctor.

The last episode I saw was the season ( Series in British TV – talk ) finale of Peter Capaldi’s 1st run. Then my apartment changed cable providers. Direct TV doesn’t carry BBC or BBC America in its Basic cable package whereas Comcast did. I was beginning to warm to the 12th Doctor’s curmudgeonly exterior – then the building management changed to Direct TV, & issued the Fascist decree that everyone has to have the basic package.

Doctor Who, Torchwood reruns, Orphan Black, Atlantis, Sherlock, even Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay & Top Gear – ACCESS DENIED.

What’s a Whovian / Anglo – videophile to do ? Dailymotion ? Hunger strikes are NOT an option, even though, I could use the weight – loss. Definitely.🙂

I chalk up my love of British TV to a girl I dated in the 80’s who was a Whovian & went on about it until I gave in, watched the PBS – run ” classic ” episodes ( Tom Baker ) & got hooked. Also with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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A Glimpse At Something Beautiful

Sounds slightly like Rumi or perhaps Rumi – & Zen ( ? ) – inspired. Interesting versification, & I need to start writing again in earnest.

The Poetry Of Paradise

Imagine if you will a somewhat subtle ripple in time, a fatal glimpse at something beautiful
A wonderment that could bring envy to those blooming flowers, and to that benevolent sky
Take for a second a moment to envision a division from what we labeled as the norm
To view a beloved sight of a radiant woman that sparks the inspiration within a man’s soul

Somewhere lost in that isolated drifting twilight zone I dared to be so bold

As I versified the image of a pearl like perceptional daydream
Which, pertains to one that personifies my thoughts of celestial beings
…Angels is what I mean…An angel that for a moment alleviated my foolish iniquities
And, who am I to deny what seems so divine…this second a certain breathe left fading into time

Therefore, I ask why are creatures of your caliber created by the hands of whatever god?

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Spock the Bodhisattva

I have almost always thought that Mr. Spock would be a good Buddhist, particularly the Spock of the movies who is much more in touch with & more at peace with his human genetic inheritance than his TV version. Later Spock is practicing his own ” Middle Way ” in uniting the best of 2 seemingly contradictory halves into a reasonably well – balanced, UNIQUE person.

Buddhists Endorse Donald Trump For President Of The United States Of America!

These people are only supporting Trump because of his anti – Islamic sentiments, obviously, while ignoring his statements which would curtail individual freedom ( s ) in the U.S. & severely endanger our relationships with other nations. Trump has lied, practically thrown tantrums whenever someone says something he disagrees with, shown extreme xenophobia, lack of respect, etc.
Hardly positive traits for observant Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims or anyone preaching & trying to practice good faith & goodwill to emulate, really.

Nikaya Dhamma Society

The Nikaya Dhamma Society was founded to preserve and expound historical and orthodox Buddhism. While we do not normally endorse presidential candidates or involve ourselves in the political process, in this case we are compelled to make an exception. Donald Trump stands out alone among all the candidates for president of the United States as the one man speaking up against illegal immigration and the threat of radical Islam. He is the only candidate not afraid to take on political correctness and to offer the American people straight talk, repudiating dishonest political correctness. With great pleasure, we endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Radical Islam continues to menace Buddhist Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand as well as Europe. Radical Islam does not seek understanding, dialogue or tolerance with other religions or cultures, it seeks only conquest. We can ignore this truth at our peril, or we can acknowledge…

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Another Guilty Hand

Provocative, evocative verbal imagery, seemingly more fitting for autumn or the greyish – white wasteland of post – holiday Winter than the hot sauna days of summer when this part of Earth is seemingly equal to the inner planets of our solar system.

The Poetry Of Paradise

The scorn vivid lies that sit within the misunderstood chambers of my mind
Flow eternally with a sight that has been forever masked with my livid-ity
To obscure these tantalizing memories
That I have for yesterday’s false promises and today’s passing hours

Depression is setting in, and I do not know when I had lost my will to smile

It’s as if I am at the edge of my own optimism, with roses blooming to a blossoming doom
A rainy mood, there for all to see, although also there for me to hide
Mortified a facial surface painted with a tragic face and agony’s embrace amplified
This misery is not what I wish to speak of, but therein resides my only inspiration for a time

…Everything just seems so dead…

Intimacy has fallen into vanity, thus the sanity of our humanity is simply profane
As we no longer comprehend the…

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Ball of Cheese

Since folklore, epics, legends, & other such appeal to me, this caught my eye, especially since it comes from a non – Western, non Judeo – Christian tradition.


Once upon a time, a mother was telling stories to her son, on a full moon day. Suddenly the child asked: Can I eat that ball of cheese in the sky. The mother laughed and told: Of course you can but it is too far away…

Suddenly, the child stood up and lept into the air… The shocked mother watched him thrust towards the moon like a Vimana.

Seeing an object fast approaching the moon, Indra used his Vajra and a bolt of lightening struck the child on his jaw. He fell to the ground in a dying state. Anjana mourned …

Seeing what happened to his son, the wind god Vayu was furious and withdrew from the universe. All the beings began to suffocate. Indra and Devas revived the child and each of them gave him their special powers, to appease Vayu.

Since he was struck in the jaw (hanu)…

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Fleur De Lis

Emotive & quite colorful stream of imagery. I think I’ll shelve my cameras & go back & sharpen my writing skills. The prospect is tempting…..

The Poetry Of Paradise

Magnify the magnitude of this modified motif – a masterpiece posed in motion
Manipulating my vision, thus be stilling my eyes upon her image
A beauty that in the wake of, even Aphrodite became a falsified specter to

So, who am I to deny my own eyes the joys of such a glorious sight?

Thereby, hear the sounds
That are composed from the angel’s echoing whispers blooming within thy ears
And embrace that affectionate fixation justifying a divine passion coded a delicate wonder
Shaping the heaven’s skies
To match the priceless pearls portrayed as the pupils within her photonic eyes


No man can deny the rapid rhythm contorting the core that sits within his own chest
Therefore, Infatuation vindicating the inclination of benevolence is said to manifest…
Look at her the eclipse eclipsing his every thought; As she bends the night sky around her light
The virtues tied to admiration…

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Queen Alexis & The King Of Fools

Happy to see that the art of storytelling is alive & well. Storytelling echoing the venerable oral tradition when people would sit around a campfire after a hunt, or a day tending to flocks. The need for storytellers is still present even with our internet, websites, webcasts, vlogs & sophisticated devices.
Long may it live !

The Poetry Of Paradise

Can I for a moment tell you a story…A tale that is but a whisper in our noble royal court
Herein this fable lies a fool and a beautiful queen named Alexis
Every day the unwise comic would sing to the majestic maiden
Seeking only to enchant her heart, because what was of his, sat only as hers

Many moon went by, thus many times did he make her smile
And day by day she became more and more of that which was thereof his undying inspiration

“My, you are quite the entertainer” her royal highness spoke so eloquently

“It’s just I jest justly about being a jester to justify my jesting gesture
Towards this everlasting love I have for thee” replied the clever trickster

“I take it that you are flirting with me?” asked the queen

“I am a fiend … a night crawler gifted with the ability to…

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