‘Skeptics Welcome’: Lily Burana on Being Both Christian and Goth at Heart

Oh, ” I’m praying for you “, shorthand for ” I want you to become a ‘ good WASP Christian just like me “. I call BS. ” Abby Sciuo on ” NCIS ” has goth paraphernalia,sleeps in a ** coffin ** & she’s a nice, caring , loving human with many REAL CHRISTIAN traits – who can kick ass if need be.


Halloween, All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days represent a friendly (if bony, skeletal) handshake between Paganism and Christianity, an exaltation of escape and revelry, as well as somber respect for death and those whom it has claimed. I still love graveyards, rattling chains, black cats, black velvet, and all manner of spooky things. And I adore the blessing of sacred serendipity — that you can discover yourself while pretending to be someone else. That you can pray for a guiding angel and God will send Alice Cooper.

-From an essay by Lily Burana on The New York Times’ Women in the World page, about trying to reconcile her love of Halloween and all things Goth with her “surprisingly Jesus-y” faith, plus the time she asked for a sign from God that she was in the right church and looked up to see Alice Cooper dressed in “Goth golfer casual.”


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Mythology on Canvas (Part 10)

Glad I discovered this. I love mythology – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hindu / Buddhist – so I shall follow this blog.


The Perseus Series by Edward Burne-Jones (continued):

The Finding of Medusa by Edward Burne-Jones The Finding of Medusa by Edward Burne-Jones

Once equipped, Perseus sets out to find Medusa. He must use the polished shield given him by Athena in order to view Medusa safely since her reflection cannot turn him to stone. In The Finding of Medusa (shown above), he appears to be holding a mirror in his left hand. The sack for carrying her head is draped over his left forearm. Medusa (standing) is shown with her two Gorgon sisters, who are immortal and cannot be killed.

The Death of Medusa by Edward Burne-Jones The Death of Medusa by Edward Burne-Jones

Once he has beheaded Medusa, Perseus must escape the remaining two Gorgons. He is aided in the effort by the helm of darkness given him by Hades. It seems that the artist chose not to depict the hair of Medusa or her sisters as snakes in these paintings. As such, he presents…

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Marriage and Stuff

A nice tribute to the joys of a really successful marriage.
Marriage & domestic tranquility – It’s not for everyone, says the guy who’s lived like a Greek Orthodox hermit monk on Mt Athos ( Well, almost ). 🙂

Looking to God

Last week, my wife and I had the opportunity to take some time away to enjoy each other’s company. Every once in a while, we’ll leave the kids behind to visit either a place we’re familiar with or a place we’ve always wanted to go. This year, we chose to do the latter and decided to explore The Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains Chalet The Blue Mountains Chalet

Located a couple of hours north of Toronto, The Blue Mountains is a resort/cottage community that hosts a large following during ski season. Along with a few friends, we managed to secure one of those fancy chalets overlooking the mountains. The view was great, but, having grown up in Italy where I would wake up to the sight of the Italian Alps every morning, it didn’t impress me as much as, say, it did with some of my friends. I can take or leave mountain…

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Ethics on the World’s Highest Peak

We should apply inter – team cooperation standards to space exploration, when we start seriously exploring the Moon, Mars, asteroid belt, & further out. It can only benefit our species as a whole. There may be ” groups “, but just one ” GROUP “.


The climber’s code of ethics, issued by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, specifies “helping someone in trouble has absolute priority over reaching goals we set for ourselves in the mountain.” Most take this to heart. “Saving one life is more important than summiting Everest 100 times,” says Serap Jangbu Sherpa, the first person to climb all eight of Nepal’s 8,000m peaks, and the first to summit K2 twice in one year. “We can always go back and summit, but a lost life never comes back.”

“To say that everyone should look after himself, that no one should help another team is nonsense,” adds Captain MS Kohli, a mountaineer who in 1965 led India’s first successful expedition to summit Mount Everest. “That is absolutely against the spirit of mountaineering.”

That simple rule becomes more complicated, however, when commercial clients are involved. After paying many thousands of dollars…

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There Once Was a Dildo in Nantucket

Why do we always assume that our ancestors didn’t have sex – in some form form or another – ?
If they practiced nearly perpetual celibacy, most of us would still be twinkles / gleams / whatevers in our would – be / might – be potential parents’ eyes.Sex wasn’t an invention of the 20th – 21st centuries.


Nineteenth-century Nantucket brings to mind whaling ships, harsh weather, and austere morality. So when a Victorian-era dildo was found in the chimney of an old Quaker home, back in 1979, it quickly became the subject of local lore.

In an essay at Literary Hub, Ben Shattuck traces the provenance of this unlikely sex toy (called a “he’s-at-home” by Nantucketers). Along the way, he also reflects on the tricky art of reconstructing intimate histories, and the ways that the objects we leave behind define us:

Mattie died at seventy-eight, in 1928, from a stroke. She had chronic myocarditis, an inflamed heart. At some point in the thirty years since James had passed, it seems, she’d gathered what she had left of him and stuffed it up the chimney, along with her dildo. All of it was small enough to fit on a damper ledge, and later inside a pink dress box. James and…

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David Dunn

Unbreakable – was Bruce Willis ( David ) really a ” hero ” ? Or Samuel L. Jackson ( Elijah ) a ” villain ” ? I’ll have to catch his movie again.

Looking to God

Of all the Wednesday Warriors I’ve written about, David Dunn, the mild-mannered hero of the movie Unbreakable, and today’s highlight, is one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen the film directed by The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, then I don’t want to spoil it for you. You can skip to the last paragraph to get the general gist of the film. For everyone else, keep reading.

Bruce Willis as David Dunn Bruce Willis as David Dunn

A train wreck leaves everyone onboard dead except for David Dunn (Bruce Willis). In fact, he doesn’t only survive, but he walks away from the tragedy without a scratch. Returning home, his wife Audrey (Robin Wright), with whom before the accident he wasn’t getting along, takes her husband’s survival as a sign that their troubled marriage is worth saving.

In another part of Philadelphia, Elijah Price (Samuel L…

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