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I have never talked about this subject before. I saw it after it had been in theaters for a relatively short time. I give the studio & actors an ” A ” for effort, but the plot left me cold, mostly preaching to the converted, like patting them on the back collectively, then giving us characters of 1 – dimensional cardboard – Heartless, cold, cynical atheists ( Mostly Professor Radisson as portrayed by Kevin Sorbo ), unsympathetic materialistic businessmen ( Dean Cain ), & rather hateful stereotypes of other faiths – The Muslim father who finds out that his daughter is listening to the Bible on an iPod & tosses her around like a ragdoll before sending her packing. The only thing lacking is putting red skin, horns, hooves on all the ” bad guys ” & showing them holding pitch – forks.

Playing for the other team – The believers are all portrayed as pretty much squeaky – clean & almost without spot or blemish. Let’s give them wings, halos, harps & a heavenly glow.

The premise – if a professor tried, basically, to get his class to proclaim that God is dead, or never existed in the place, I believe he’d pretty much be told to empty out his office & to not let the door hit him on the butt on his egress. I had a professor in forensic anatomy / evolutionary & he never ONCE told us that adherents of the Abrahamic faiths were wrong or deluded even though he ( Dr. William Bass ) is an atheist. He never blatantly stuffed the concept of Darwinian evolution down our throats & / or said that Genesis was nonsense. He had no anti – God or anti – Judaeo – Christian agenda like Professor Radisson appeared to.

& the film pretty much ends with poor Professor Radisson getting smacked by a car in the rain, then making a ” deathbed ” ( deathstreet ? ) conversion, while a missionary & pastor from some unnamed African country rejoice over his conversion. CALL AN AMBULANCE ! or at least get him to a morgue, for decency’s sake.

The only thing worse, just in this observer’s humble opinion, is that there’s a 2nd movie out, ” God’s Not Dead 2 ” or some such. PASS.

There are better ways to spend the price of admission – Contributing to a homeless outreach, shelter for battered wives & children, a local soup kitchen or food pantry.

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This Christian movie falls short of proving that God is not dead

Source: Gods not dead review—http://creation.com/gods-not-dead-review

The War On Christmas Is Over – Muslim Sufi Artists Play Favorite Christmas Songs (Video)

I’m not going to offer much commentary – political or otherwise here. Just a wish for a Merry Christmas & / or a non – denominational ” Happy Holidays “. Contrary to what Fox & the hyper – paranoid conservatives want us to believe, the followers of the Prophet are ** not ** lying in wait until they can storm our homes & blow us up or skewer us on / behead us with swords or other sharp objects.

Most of them just want to live their lives in peace like everybody else. What a concept.

Again – Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays – To ALL people of Good Faith ( or even no specific faith ) everywhere on Earth.


These Muslim sufi and gazal musicians playing Christmas carols is everything the festive spirit is about.

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3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause) – 3D Printing Industry

” For a good cause ” & ” Shriner’s Hospital ” / ” burn victims “, & then they had a good share of my attention, which doesn’t happen easily around 06 : 30 !

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