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interesting short post about self – discovery & beginnings / 2nd chances.

Kota Kai

So I wanted to share with you all that I’ve done the most irrational thing I have ever done.

I’ve withdrawn from my classes, and I’ve taken a leave from my job. And honestly, I have never felt more free in my life.

I’m going to be spending the coming weeks very devoted to creating things and I think you all will benefit from it too!

So keep an eye out for me, we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other! If you have requests for something you’d like me to talk about, but let me know!

(Photo credit to Kaitlyn Edens. See more of her work here.)

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Today was a day…

It’s times like this when I wonder how advanced we really are in the industrialized world. Seriously…..

It's a Thought

I worked 2 hours over.  And I still wasn’t done.

I’m not doing that tomorrow.  Just so you know.  I’m NOT.

I was going to go in early and then I remembered I’m supposed to go to the doctor tomorrow.

And I’m going to demand drugs for this mental illness.  I am.

I’m really bad at this.

I have a hard time verbalizing this  issue.  And I know that seems crazy when you look at all the crap I write on Tumblr, but its true.

So.  Anyway.  That’s the goal.  Verbalize to the doctor that I am struggling.

I will report back on this subject tomorrow.

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Ode to the great black box of wine

Hmm….. Call me ” old – fashioned ” or even better,SERVE me an old – fashioned martini 🙂 ! but I prefer my alcohol from a bottle or at least a can.

Musings of a mad woman

So if you haven’t heard Black box wine is a award winning box wine. 50 gold medals, 29 wine enthusiasts best buy awards. Definitely an enabler for shenanigans.

I am 1/2 the carbon footprint of glass bottles, so I am hoping Leonardo DiCaprio appreciates I’m doing my part to save the environment. Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the best, but honestly after a glass who really cares enough to ask “what is this vintage, variety?”

So how is this a story……anytime I precursor a post with wine it’s probably going to be thought provoking. If I start it with whiskey, it’s going to start PG-13 and as with drinking end up MA rating. I just want to make my readers aware of time stamps on my post, take note. Right now, I’m comparing a smooth glass of opus one to box wine and it really seems equatable. That is a true…

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The Donald Trump Trainwreck

Well.  I must’ve been mistaken. Or half – awake. Or BOTH. I thought I read a Beliefnet piece taking up for The Donald being persecuted for his faith ( although I think that he believes that he’s God. 🙂 ). Personally I think his whole campaign has been a multi – gazillion dollar publicity stunt.

Hey – if he wants he can move Trump Towers, Trump Plaza AND his casinos airlifted & shipped a section at a time to an island in the Pacific ( he could do Nauru Island a WORLD of good. Look up Nauru to see what I mean. Or Pitcairn. ) or someplace in the Caribbean.

His ego would take up 2 / 3rds of the space.

I also believe that Ann Coulter is a secret liberal who fakes being a raging hyper – conservative. 🙂


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Mummy Identification Still Uncertain Science

This is because after 2 or 3 thousand years, perhaps even less, DNA begins to degrade. Moreso if the tissue that it’s part of is dehydrated by elements other than desert sand & heat & preservatives like myrrh,aloes, & frankincense. The royal personage is reasonably well – preserved, but those elements have more than likely shortened the DNA ” chain ( s ) ” containing vital information on who these royals were in life. & why cloning Rameses or “King Tut ” is highly unlikely. As to incest among royals & nobles in Egypt, this practice was part of their belief system : The nobles were supposedly descended from the gods, so marriage outside the noble / royal lineage, in effect, ” diluted ” their divinity. King Tutankhamun was married to his sister, Ankhesenamun, even though the union didn’t produce an heir to the 18th dynasty throne ( & 2 small mummified fetuses were discovered in ” King Tut’s ” tomb ) whereas Rameses the Great produced a small legion of royal heirs.

Egypt is a big area of interest of mine, & not just because of mummy movies. 🙂 I’ve seen ” Treasures of Tutankhamun ” on one of the exhibition’s visits to the U.S. ( 1977 ) & a Rameses the Great exhibit in Memphis in 1987. & my stepsister has been to the Valley of the Kings albeit roughly 2 decades ago.


King Tut is the only 18th Dynasty pharaoh whose mummy has been identified with certainty, says a new analysis.

Source: Mummy Identification Still Uncertain Science


Labels are mostly for convenience’s sake, reference points on a map. They are transitory & can change next week, next day, next day. The closest thing to a label I would use to describe myself is ” carbon – based life form who shares ancestry with other humans and apes “.


Today morning I had beautiful realization about freedom that I wanted to treasure in form of post and share with all of you.

The moment we identify our self with any thing we are trapped and bound for example if I identify my self as husband than I have to put my self in that role and standards for husband already defined by society . I have to act as per the standards , more or less. I can make slightly changes as per wish or comfort but by and large I have to have certain responsibility being a husband and behave in particular fashion.

Similarly I am father , son, employee, sub ordinate , neighbour , uncle , relative and so on.

I have more identification like I am human, I am male . I am young. I am beautiful. I am middle class. I live in India. I…

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9 Reasons My God’s Not Dead

Okay….. God’s not dead, BUT, He’s just tired of knee – jerk, behind – kissing followers who act like GROUPIES & don’t actually put the teachings of Jesus into practice  ( feeding the poor & homeless, teaching the illiterate, helping the sick, aiding the less fortunate, etc.), or Buddhists who just sit & chant, or Muslims who observe the Five Pillars of the Islamic faith.

I don’t really like the pat answers like ” you can see God in a sunrise “, & such. Generic, pious platitudes that seem deep for a few moments but aren’t very satisfying. Chocolate for the soul.

I, like the original Founding Fathers, consider myself a Deist. They believed in A god, just not necessarily ” Big G ” God. My belated disclaimer.

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