A galactic adventure

Fantastic. I hope to see something about the Drake Equation. I’m still wrapping my mind around it after 25 + years. Drake would still result in a rough estimate at best.

Rationalising The Universe

Having completed a tour of our planet, in which we explored the wonders of the interconnected processes that occur here on Earth, it seems natural to venture out further to the galactic scale. Not that from this point forwards we will follow convention, and denote the Galaxy we currently reside in with a capital G; rather than galaxy which refers to any of the galaxies in the universe.

Shall we briefly tour the solar system before we move out a little further? The solar system is the system of objects orbiting the sun, in which we find ourselves. Before we take a tour of the planet, it makes sense to briefly define one. The definition of a planet is a bit of a scientific hot potato, but the current common sense definition of one is a celestial body that;

  1. It is big enough for the force of…

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