Z Nation – “Doctor of the Dead” Review

I genuinely like this series. Like The Walking Dead, it is largely a departure from the legacy of George Romero, AND unlike TWD, it doesn’t take itself quite as seriously. There are moments of wry, dry, dark, & laugh out loud humour sprinkled liberally throughout an average episode. Proof that the ” zombie apocalypse ” needn’t be ALL gloom, doom, despair, hopelessness. It can be fun ! ” Doc ” is especially funny & interesting. 5 *****’s !

So, I pondered...

Z Nation - "Doctor of the Dead"In a very rare departure from what we usually see on Z Nation, we were flashed back to four years before the apocalypse. We were introduced to a chipper doctor. A man who despite what he was walking into was rather happy. He was going to visit a man. A man who was very sick to the point that he was damn near covered in necrotic tissue. The man was literally rotting right in front the Doctor. Rather than save the man, the Doctor told the man that he’d be helping him. The Doctor killed him, taking a brain sample which he then stabbed into the young man who took him to the patient. One is left to assume that it may have been the beginning of the apocalypse. Though one is left to wonder why it took so long to spread.

The entire episode was a dive into how…

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