DRONES. What The Hell Are They. A Primer.

Source: DRONES. What The Hell Are They. A Primer.

I would love to get my own drone with my motivation being sheer curiosity & because I will likely never pilot a manned / crewed aircraft, small OR large. I can thank a National Geographic segment about British expat Reginald Denny  for fanning the flames as well as a YouTube short 2 – minute movie showing an aerial view of the Swiss countryside & a small feature about single – use cardboard ( YES, cardboard….. ) supply drones.

A camera with HD  capabilities thereon would make things really interesting…..

New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

This makes me wish I could see one in real – time action. I confess, for all my enthusiasm, I have only seen them in videos – LOTS & LOTS of videos ! It’s like describing one of the Apollo launches when I was nowhere near Kennedy Space Center / the Cape back then.
I believe this can become a ” Cottage Industry ” just like weaving or wine – making were not so terribly long ago. Or they’ll steadily become as ubiquitous & inexpensive as the replicators in the Star Trek universe.

Source: New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry