From Shredded C-Notes to Corn: Weird Materials Make Their Way into Cars

I don’t drive, for reasons that I’ve stated before here, but things of an automotive nature  DO interest me in a major way – I knew about 3D ” printed ” components for cars, but the recycled elements I had no idea about. Did you know that there are SHREDDED $ 100 bills in your car ? Platinum ( more valuable than GOLD ! ) in your spark plugs ? & yes, probably gold as well. This may not be interesting to some people, BUT, since I have a penchant for munching on obscure, arcane pieces of knowledge, it caught my attention, naturally. 🙂 If we could recycle more materials belonging to defunct cars & other devices, it means less material in the waste stream & landfills – & the Earth is several percentage points cleaner.

Hence, I feel a sense of obligation to play micro – Prometheus ( whatever ) & share this knowledge with you. I think that you MAY just find it interesting !


There may be real cash in your next car, more than just your investment.

Source: From Shredded C-Notes to Corn: Weird Materials Make Their Way into Cars

Tools May Have Been First Money

My first entry using my new machine. Using a touch – screen computer has been an exercise in patience & controlling heaps of irritation. 🙂 That being said, this story is a very interesting little find. Although it may have been a sight more helpful if you were a DIY kind of person or were the village handy – man / tinker type of person. Early tech as a form of currency – I definitely think Bob Vila would approve. Makes me wonder what kind of currency humanity will have in about 200 – 300 – something years. Maybe barter will make a big – time comeback.

Ancient humans traded tools between tribes and they gained social significance.

Source: Tools May Have Been First Money

Magnetic Device Lets Smartphones Test Your Blood

Star Trek communicators were often compared to cellular ” flip – phones ” not TOO terribly long ago. I know. One my phones is a ” flip phone ” that resembles a slick bar of soap when closed. Smart – phones will begin to resemble the tricorders of the well – known science – fiction staple in the not – too – distant future.

Now if I can just get the smart – phone I got as a Christmas gift to work as it should. Big, fat, fingers & smooth touch – screens do not a good combination make, always. 🙂 I had similar trouble with an iPad that I sold back to my cousin for extra Christmas money after finally losing patience ( & finding out that the Wi – Fi in this area was beyond sucky, as well. ).


Smartphones equipped with portable devices that magnetically levitate cells might one day help diagnose diseases in the home, clinic or lab, researchers say.

Source: Magnetic Device Lets Smartphones Test Your Blood

‘Nixing 100 Billion Galaxies’ –Bayesian Reasoning Dismisses Existence of Alien Life (Today’s Most Popular)

I don’t think we’re alone in the universe. There may be civilizations out in interstellar space, even intergalactic space, that simply haven’t ventured beyond the confines of their atmosphere or discovered the principles of aerodynamics that enable a plane or a rocket to fly yet. Maybe they’re just now entering their equivalent of our Industrial Age & learning how to harness the power of running water or steam to generate energy. Just because a civilization may be located on another world DOES NOT mean that they have interstellar flight, computers, robots, space probes or even satellites whose energy signatures would show up on a radio – telescope.

Maybe they’re waiting for us to develop, maybe we should be wondering if they’ve developed out in the near – vacuum radiation – soaked void of interstellar / intergalactic space.Nebulae Spiraling Outward

Source: ‘Nixing 100 Billion Galaxies’ –Bayesian Reasoning Dismisses Existence of Alien Life (Today’s Most Popular)

Time For Your Close – Up, Biomodels.

Just go to the library. Sponsored by Cellink. Free downloadable 3 – D models / biomodels available to anyone in the industry.

I enthuse about this industry, especially the medical aspects. & when I enthuse, I usually don’t go half – way. It’s not my nature. Get me started on Soleri’s arcologies & the rise of shipping drones sometime, any revolutionary technology with a bunch of positive implications.

The usual disclaimer about the accuracy of the link follows. I had to cut & paste because my computer is 7 – plus years old & acting cranky. Technology has its downside. I keep having to be reminded.

The above 3 – D ” printed ” skull was used in plastic surgery facial remodeling, BTW.

Passion for Pontificating on 3 – D ” Printing “

Okay, maybe not ” pontificating “, & I wish that the industry would come up with another term besides ” printing  “, but it’s just such a fascinating subject that I feel a certain attraction to it.

& I could almost believe that Gene Roddenberry foretold the whole thing in the various incarnations of Star Trek.

I’m particularly interested in the medical applications of 3 – D ” printing ” & making humanity’s lot just a tiny bit better in that regard – Skin, organ & muscle tissue, or substances similar to them, that can help a lot of people with disorders, diseases & the results of accidents.

If we’re ” playing God “, then I prefer to think God / a Higher Power would say ” Go for it “.

As usual ( Disclaimer ) I can’t always vouch for the accuracy of these links.

New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

This makes me wish I could see one in real – time action. I confess, for all my enthusiasm, I have only seen them in videos – LOTS & LOTS of videos ! It’s like describing one of the Apollo launches when I was nowhere near Kennedy Space Center / the Cape back then.
I believe this can become a ” Cottage Industry ” just like weaving or wine – making were not so terribly long ago. Or they’ll steadily become as ubiquitous & inexpensive as the replicators in the Star Trek universe.

Source: New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry

Revolutionary ! & it’s going to be even better in the future. If it can ” print ” DNA, what won’t it be able to next.
I think the 1st movie to even HINT at the possibility of 3 – D ” printing ” was Sam Raimi’s 1990 ” Darkman ” ( Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake / ” Darkman ” ) involving a scientist who can fabricate synthetic skin for burn victims / other disfigurements often employing photography.
I’ve said it before : I’m somewhat HOOKED on this science application.

Source: 3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry

Innovators Provide Insight into India’s 3D Printing Scene – 3D Printing Industry

If they had only had these when Mahatma Gandhi was talking about the value of cottage industries in India. He would’ve deemed them a miracle, albeit possibly a secular one….
& if Gutenberg had had one…. History would’ve changed on SO many levels, but I digress…..

Source: Innovators Provide Insight into India’s 3D Printing Scene – 3D Printing Industry

Breathe Easier with Help from the 3D Printed Sendinaden Smart Mask – 3D Printing Industry

It’s amazing. I wonder what will come next with these folks ? ! More & more I’m convinced that the 3 – D ” printer ” is going to be the Swiss Army Pocket knife of the 21st century. & these masks look interesting, & potentially more efficient than a HEPA – filter ( Which I have in my apartment ) Alvin Toffler in his 1980’s book of essays ” The Third Wave “, mentioned ” Santa Claus machines ” & I think he meant 3 – D ” printers “. I’m reasonably sure of it, & I’m pretty sure these are like Star Trek’s replicators.

Maybe I can put one of these 3 – D ” printed ” masks on next years’ Christmas list for when my sinuses run riot…..

Source: Breathe Easier with Help from the 3D Printed Sendinaden Smart Mask – 3D Printing Industry