EUROPA REPORT Trailer, Poster, Images!

This sounds almost like an alternative prequel to the film ” 2010 : The Year We Make Contact ” & I think I’d pay good money to see this movie. Based on science we ( mostly ) have now, & a LITTLE more believable than a film like ” Avatar ” or ” Prometheus “.
Europa is a reasonable candidate for life on another body in the solar system.
Thanks to ” The Daily Galaxy ” for the link here.
We have the official poster, images and a teaser trailer for Sebastian Cordero’s sci-fi thriller EUROPA REPORT!

Source: EUROPA REPORT Trailer, Poster, Images!

Destination Pluto: NASA’s New Horizons Mission in Pictures

From the fine folks at JPL who said that Pluto didn’t qualify as a ” planet “…..It’s not the size of your world, but how you use it / what you have on it, perhaps ?
See photos from NASA’s New Horizons mission to explore the dwarf planet Pluto.

Source: Destination Pluto: NASA’s New Horizons Mission in Pictures