Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave

The ancient Egyptians had nothing on curses. These ” curse tablets ” are proof of that. Although these curses seemed to be mainly aimed at this Greek family’s tavern ( I believe that good bars are pretty much SACRED anyway ).

I have a BIG book about ancient mythology & folklore which might have something on curse tablets. It’s a different subject than what I’ve covered before, but I have a veritable gallimifrey of interests from A – Z / zed. & interesting. Religious & spiritual practices from all over this crazy blue marble capture my interest, engage my curiosity & keep my mind from crashing like a computer hard – drive with a virus.

If curiosity is MY  ” curse “, then I’m pleased as punch to have it. 🙂 Maybe there are ancient curse tablets out there with curses wishing undying curiosity on people – Now wouldn’t THAT be the coolest ?

May your curse ( or what you may perceive as a curse ) turn out to be your blessing !


The lead tablets, which were meant to curse tavern keepers in ancient Athens, were found in the grave of a young woman who lived 2,400 years ago.

Source: Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave

Does E.T. Frighten Religious People ?

I couldn’t think  of a better title at almost 01:30 Friday, okay ? 🙂

I am not an especially religious person. I believe in / hope that there is a God, goddess, Higher Power, ” Entity Greater than Us “, but not 100 % sure, & I try to respect other people’s beliefs even when they minimize or criticize my particular mindset ( Life in the Bible – Belt, extremely religious, ” We don’t question God / the Bible ” relatives, etc. ).

Having said that, if I were a conventionally religious person, I would feel more certain in believing in a God / Supreme Being who is / was practical enough to create a multitude of planets ( counting the apparent WEALTH of astonishing exo – planets outside our solar system ) & putting life on more than a single world orbiting a medium class G0 star in one galaxy.

Most people are very practical about it, ” God created the Sun to give light during the day, the Moon & stars to provide light during the night “, which they do ( My relatives would be among the practical folks ), but that’s their sole reason apparently.

One theory goes as follows – We have been contacted, but scientists, government officials, ( Which government ( s ) ? ) & other Powers That Be are keeping things under wraps because humans & our collective civilization aren’t ready for such world – shaking knowledge yet. Especially our religions. Especially the 3 main monotheistic ones.

Could they be right about the revelation that we were not God’s only children causing massive crises of belief ? Cut back to what I said, speaking for myself. My belief in God / a Supreme Being would be reinforced by revealing that we were & are visited by observers from at least one other extraterrestrial civilization -Although they might very well look at almost a century’s worth of observations & conclude that we were too primitive, childlike / childish or else just too insane to be contacted & invited to join an interstellar United Planets or Federation just yet. & this is assuming that they actually exist, are advanced enough to make contact, & last but not least, are benevolent & don’t want to use us as lab rats or live – stock ( To Serve Man – Classic Twilight Zone episode. I neglected to get a Youtube video = clip. C’est la vie. )

Could we be God’s ( Which one ? ) / Creation’s / Evolution’s only children ?

For further reference – SETI - alien et extraterrestrial life