Story ( idea ) Time, Folks…..

I have had – somewhere between several dozen & several hundred story ideas bouncing around in my cranium for, oh, about 2 or 3 months to a year now.

Anyway – the Syfy  Channel  ( I still LOATHE  the name ” Syfy “, but that’s another story ) has shown the movie ” Warm Bodies ” about 10 times. A movie about a ” zombie apocalypse ” with a happy ending & at least 1 happy couple – what’s not to like ?

Further anyway – What happens AFTER the Corpses come all the way back to life ? They’re reintegrating back into society as people, do they have to try to regain their human rights as well ? I’m reminded of the BBC series ” In The Flesh “. That’s what ” R ” & the former Corpses would have to deal with in my seed of a story idea.

With your indulgence, I will expand upon said story idea ( & maybe even come up with a title ! ) here.

Bears Discover Fire by Terry Bisson

Has anyone read this story ? It sounds somewhat interesting & perhaps I should look it up ! The concept of another species besides apes evolving ( Even though apes & humans supposedly evolved from a common ancestor ) is rather interesting, although if I could choose an alternative species of beings to evolve, it would be dogs. Maybe because most of my animal companions have been of the canine persuasion & I myself was born in 1958, which in the Chinese lunar calendar, is the Year of the Dog.

ANYWAY – Planet of the Bears, anyone ?

Let me know if you’ve read it or are familiar with it.


Trying to find the best science fiction short stories? We’ll point you in the right direction!

Source: Bears Discover Fire by Terry Bisson

Nine Real NASA Technologies in ‘The Martian’

This is an interesting article even though I haven’t seen the movie ( DVD released today ). Mars has been touted as being the most Earthlike planet in our solar system, & I’ve heard claims that it could be terra – formed within a 50 year time span ( But 1st you need a better, stronger magnetosphere to keep radiation from reducing your effort to dry, desiccated, rusty ruin with oxygen & H2O molecules dismantled ). I think humankind’s 1st viable colonies will be underground & under domes for many centuries.

& I think the plan to send ” Martian colonists ” is a potentially suicidal pipe – dream, UNLESS the companies funding the exploration send unmanned craft with building supplies, food, equipment as the bare bones of a settlement 1st. Otherwise, like I said, it’s nothing except a badly thought – out, ill – executed, suicidal pipe – dream.

But trips to Mars have been a dream of humanity’s ever since humanity began to dream of life on other worlds, then among the stars. Hopefully we’ll realize it, & not repeat the same mistakes we have on Earth.

In memory of David Bowie, Major Tom, aka ” Ziggy Stardust “. I hope your spaceship safely found its way to its destination. This is Ground Control…..

___________________________________________________________________________David Bowie16 - 1

Andy Weir’s “The Martian” tells the story of Mark Watney, a NASA astronaut stranded on Mars. He must improvise and innovate to survive. NASA is already working on some of the technologies he uses to try to stay alive.

Source: Nine Real NASA Technologies in ‘The Martian’

Sci-Fi Classic ‘Childhood’s End’ TV Miniseries Debuts Tonight

I’m watching the 1st installment of the Syfy production ” Childhood’s End ” ( based on ) Arthur C. Clarke’s novel – Which, unfortunately, I never read.

The initial scenes come off like the re – vamped ” V ” series & MAYBE ( maybe ) the classic Twilight Zone episode ” To Serve Man “, & a few dashes of ” The Day the Earth Stood Still “ ( Klaatu, Barada, Nikto ? )

Classic benevolent would – be leaders, the Overlords, disable all the weaponry of the planet ( I’m assuming this means firearms. Sorry, NRA ), leaving us effectively vulnerable, however. There are apparently 2 groups – Those who’ve given up on God / A ” Higher Power ” / Goddess, etc., & those apparently willing to accept the Overlords as Gods / Goddesses / ” Higher Power ” surrogates – substitutes, SO religion & the trappings therein, belief, faith & spirituality do exist as an element in ” Childhood’s End “, although not blatantly nor ” loudly “.

I’m watching this with something of a critical eye. Some science – fiction & fantasy writers’ work ( Ray Bradbury is a good example of a sci – fi writer whose prose doesn’t always translate smoothly into the visual medium ) doesn’t make an easy transition to the big or small screen, A. C. Clarke’s is no exception

I hold out hope, though. Syfy alienated / put off its fan following in 2010 with a spate of ” reality ” / occult / unexplained series, deliberately BAD made – for – Syfy movies & WRESTLING. They’re trying, bless their hearts, to get them back.

” Childhood’s End ” may tend towards the formulaic, but let’s see….. What Would Arthur Think ?SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

P.S. & BTW : I am watching the 2 – night miniseries ” The Expanse “, & apart from a ( Ronald D. Moore ) Battlestar Galactica flashback, so far I am NOT blown away overmuch.


A TV miniseries based on Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction classic “Childhood’s End,” debuts tonight (Dec. 14) on the Syfy network.

Source: Sci-Fi Classic ‘Childhood’s End’ TV Miniseries Debuts Tonight

Conservative actress tells Fox: Darth Vader is black because it’s in the Bible and ‘Jesus talks about it’

Where do they get THESE WHACK – JOB Helium – Heads ?

If anyone else said this, they’d be laughed at & derided everywhere they went !

& excuse me for saying so, but they’d deserve EVERY LAST BIT !!

& how do they connect the Bible with a science – fiction fantasy story ? Oh, right…… Fox Faux news.


Source: Conservative actress tells Fox: Darth Vader is black because it’s in the Bible and ‘Jesus talks about it’ –

Not quite the celebration of Advent –

BUT it IS getting close.

In any of its 2 – 3 ( ? ) Incarnations, The Twilight Zone has been MORE than a science – fiction, fantasy, adventure series.

In fact, back in its Golden Age, it really broke ground on topics such as human rights, race – relations, politics, belief, the workings of the human mind, & related areas.

They had 2 Christmas episodes that became part of the 1980’s reboot, one  being in the classic version. BOTH unforgettable, & both quite capable of eliciting a lump in the throat – ” Night of The Meek ” & an episode based on an Arthur C. Clarke short story, ” The Star “.

My friends, I reach into my Serling – esque bag to give you the 1980’s Twilight Zone Version of Arthur C. Clarke’s ” The Star “, as an early Christmas / Yule / holiday – time present ( Provided the link works. IT BETTER. 🙂 2115 hours – Maybe you could look it up on Youtube. It is a GOOD episode )

Made In Space Archinaut to 3D Print Large Structures in Space – 3D Printing Industry

Here I enthuse again about 3 – D ” Printing ” –
As long as humans can supply the right materials, these devices are going to be able to turn out just about anything.
& if a 3 – D ” Printing ” facility can be located in outer space ( Near Earth Orbit orbit or between Earth & the Moon ), the less the chance of it becoming a source of toxic waste like facilities on Earth have a tendency to become.
For the time being, it’s science fiction, but sometimes fiction can become fact. Big Business can actually help the average guy, no matter where they live.
Something ( else ) to think about when you look up at a full Moon rising in a night sky, or Hell, even in the daytime. PROGRESSIVES !

Source: Made In Space Archinaut to 3D Print Large Structures in Space – 3D Printing Industry