Not quite the celebration of Advent –

BUT it IS getting close.

In any of its 2 – 3 ( ? ) Incarnations, The Twilight Zone has been MORE than a science – fiction, fantasy, adventure series.

In fact, back in its Golden Age, it really broke ground on topics such as human rights, race – relations, politics, belief, the workings of the human mind, & related areas.

They had 2 Christmas episodes that became part of the 1980’s reboot, oneย  being in the classic version. BOTH unforgettable, & both quite capable of eliciting a lump in the throat – ” Night of The Meek ” & an episode based on an Arthur C. Clarke short story, ” The Star “.

My friends, I reach into my Serling – esque bag to give you the 1980’s Twilight Zone Version of Arthur C. Clarke’s ” The Star “, as an early Christmas / Yule / holiday – time present ( Provided the link works. IT BETTER. ๐Ÿ™‚ 2115 hours – Maybe you could look it up on Youtube. It is a GOOD episode )

Something About Anthony Freemont

There’s just something about Anthony, the little lad. Why – Everything the little guy does is just good, maybe even PERFECT. He makes some fantastic TV. But if you get him upset at you, he’ll wish you into a mystical place called ” the cornfield “. I get the impression that that particular cornfield is NOT a place I’d really be keen on visiting.

Hasn’t every child wished at some time that he or she could bend people & other inhabitants of this physical realm to do their will merely by thinking thus ? NO ? Not even just a little, bit, a fragment of a particle of a scintilla of a bit ? A manifestation of power that no adult can stand up to or resist ? Childish / child – like innocence with a Twilight Zone twist ?

That’s what I thought after viewing this Twilight Zone episode – Voted one of TZ’s ” 10 Best ” ( & with Bill Mumy, later of Lost in Space fame, playing Anthony ) – through adult eyes. I wonder what a child psychologist would have to say ? Anthony appeared to have traits in common with Charlie from the ” Charlie X ” episode of the original Star Trek, but not sure if that was intentional.

In the 1980’s re – boot of The Twilight Zone, there was a sequel called ” It’s Still a Good Life ” featuring an adult Anthony & his daughter ( Played again by Bill Mumy with his real life daughter playing Anthony’s daughter. She basically restores whatever he did 2 – 3 decades ago. I’ll have to watch it again. Just thought I’d mention. ). The Earth is pretty much GONE, presumably wished away ( Maybe to a ginormous cornfield ? ) except for a small chunk of rural Ohio.

An interesting offering of speculative fiction, childhood innocence & imagination gone rather awry, from the Twilight Zone, & the mind of Rod Serling. He sure made good television, didn’t he ? ๐Ÿ™‚