A Taste of Rumi

I have had occasion to get back into ” The Essential Rumi ” ( Translated by Coleman Barks, Penguin Press, introduction by Huston Smith ). I forgot how colorful he was.

” Whoever brought me here will have to take me home ”

This poetry, I never know what I’m going to say.

I don’t plan it.

When I’m outside the saying of it,

I get very quiet and rarely speak at all

We have a huge barrel of wine but no cups.

That’s fine with us. Every morning we glow and in the evening we glow again.

There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street,

and being the noise.

Be empty of worrying.

Think of who created thought !

Why do you stay in prison

when the door is so wide open ?

Move outside the tangle of fear – thinking.

Live in silence.

Jelaluddin Rumi, 11th century ( ? ) A.D / BCE

Leader of the Sufi Islamic school.

His teachings would apparently fit in nicely with Zen Buddhist & Taoist / Daoist teachings.

The War On Christmas Is Over – Muslim Sufi Artists Play Favorite Christmas Songs (Video)

I’m not going to offer much commentary – political or otherwise here. Just a wish for a Merry Christmas & / or a non – denominational ” Happy Holidays “. Contrary to what Fox & the hyper – paranoid conservatives want us to believe, the followers of the Prophet are ** not ** lying in wait until they can storm our homes & blow us up or skewer us on / behead us with swords or other sharp objects.

Most of them just want to live their lives in peace like everybody else. What a concept.

Again – Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays – To ALL people of Good Faith ( or even no specific faith ) everywhere on Earth.


These Muslim sufi and gazal musicians playing Christmas carols is everything the festive spirit is about.

Source: The War On Christmas Is Over – Muslim Sufi Artists Play Favorite Christmas Songs (Video)