‘Nixing 100 Billion Galaxies’ –Bayesian Reasoning Dismisses Existence of Alien Life (Today’s Most Popular)

I don’t think we’re alone in the universe. There may be civilizations out in interstellar space, even intergalactic space, that simply haven’t ventured beyond the confines of their atmosphere or discovered the principles of aerodynamics that enable a plane or a rocket to fly yet. Maybe they’re just now entering their equivalent of our Industrial Age & learning how to harness the power of running water or steam to generate energy. Just because a civilization may be located on another world DOES NOT mean that they have interstellar flight, computers, robots, space probes or even satellites whose energy signatures would show up on a radio – telescope.

Maybe they’re waiting for us to develop, maybe we should be wondering if they’ve developed out in the near – vacuum radiation – soaked void of interstellar / intergalactic space.Nebulae Spiraling Outward

Source: ‘Nixing 100 Billion Galaxies’ –Bayesian Reasoning Dismisses Existence of Alien Life (Today’s Most Popular)

EUROPA REPORT Trailer, Poster, Images!

This sounds almost like an alternative prequel to the film ” 2010 : The Year We Make Contact ” & I think I’d pay good money to see this movie. Based on science we ( mostly ) have now, & a LITTLE more believable than a film like ” Avatar ” or ” Prometheus “.
Europa is a reasonable candidate for life on another body in the solar system.
Thanks to ” The Daily Galaxy ” for the link here.
We have the official poster, images and a teaser trailer for Sebastian Cordero’s sci-fi thriller EUROPA REPORT!

Source: EUROPA REPORT Trailer, Poster, Images!