Story ( idea ) Time, Folks…..

I have had – somewhere between several dozen & several hundred story ideas bouncing around in my cranium for, oh, about 2 or 3 months to a year now.

Anyway – the Syfy  Channel  ( I still LOATHE  the name ” Syfy “, but that’s another story ) has shown the movie ” Warm Bodies ” about 10 times. A movie about a ” zombie apocalypse ” with a happy ending & at least 1 happy couple – what’s not to like ?

Further anyway – What happens AFTER the Corpses come all the way back to life ? They’re reintegrating back into society as people, do they have to try to regain their human rights as well ? I’m reminded of the BBC series ” In The Flesh “. That’s what ” R ” & the former Corpses would have to deal with in my seed of a story idea.

With your indulgence, I will expand upon said story idea ( & maybe even come up with a title ! ) here.

Kids’ Wisdom = Kidsdom !

I don’t know if a kid would actually say something like this to an older adult – at least without paying a penalty of some sort – but when I was a kid, I might’ve said something like this. In fact, I’m SURE I did.

We could start a page devoted to funny / clever / smart / wise things that you’ve heard kids say. Kind of like channeling Art Linkletter ( Showing my age….. 🙂 )

Have any young nieces, nephews, god – children that you know or are related to said any such things ? Feel free to share….. !

All the best for a happy, great, cool start to 2016 !

Wearable Sensors Could Translate Sign Language Into English

This is a refreshing break for me & my blood presure from venting my anger & frustration / pissedoffedness 🙂 at the GOP’s / Fox ” News ” / Religious Right terminal idiocy over the last week…..

ANYWHO – This new type of wearable sensor (  s ) could really break down a lot of communication barriers someday & change things for a lot of people – including those of us who don’t diddly – squat about sign – language ( I took courses off & on for about 3 years & came away remembering about 1 % of what I studied. It’s not easy. And ASL isn’t the ONLY sign language. ).

A VERY interesting article about how tech can break down some barriers, at least those imposed by nature & / or injury, disorders, etc.


Wearable sensors could one day interpret the gestures in sign language and translate them into English, providing a high-tech solution to communication problems between deaf people and those who don’t understand sign language.

Source: Wearable Sensors Could Translate Sign Language Into English

Many Faiths, One Planet: Spiritual Leaders Call For Climate Action In Paris

Speaking as a ” Spiritually Independent / Spiritual but not religious person “, religion needs to deal with big – picture issues like this, not which religion has ” the truth ” or who should sleep with who. My relatives would disagree, but they don’t read this SECULAR stuff.
As the world’s political leaders head to Paris, religious leaders call on them to respond to the ‘cry of the Earth, the cry of the poor.’

Source: Many Faiths, One Planet: Spiritual Leaders Call For Climate Action In Paris