Power Up with Pee: New Fuel Cell Could Generate Cheap Electricity

I don’t have to tell you that I think this is a GENIUS idea. Urine contains acid ( s ) after all, & batteries use acid as a method of generating electricity. I’m all for finding alternative eco – friendly methods of power generation, no matter how strange, out – of – the – box, unorthodox or even bizarre.

What’s more natural than a fluid we have to get rid of so we ( & ** ALL ** carbon – based creatures ) can continue to live in relative health & comfort, converted to a nearly zero – carbon footprint power – source ?

Now our next step should be to capture all the hot air & bluster from all the politicians on the planet. We’d be free of dependence on fossil – fuels for at LEAST 500 – 1,000 years.


Instead of just flushing it away, your pee could one day generate power.

Source: Power Up with Pee: New Fuel Cell Could Generate Cheap Electricity

Michelangelo- The Great One

This was a great glimpse at one of the truly great artists on Earth. One of my  personal favorites is Rodin, & Vincent Van Gogh, but that’s for another time. Oh, & Paul Gaugin & his glimpses into the exotic life of ” the South Seas ” as they were known. For another discussion / blog entry.

Michelangelo was dedicated, one can see the life that he infused his sculptures with.Genius, complete genius. & yet he was quoted as saying that the sculptures were within the stone, just waiting for him to knock away the unnecessary bits.


They say that art should move you. Make you feel something. Make you want something. Make you think. A good work of art, a piece worthy to be called a “masterpiece”, is much more than just the sum of its parts. Every artist has a favourite work. Yes, a lot of us will claim there […]

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