‘The Habitat of Space-Faring Civilizations?’ –Ancient Star Clusters Orbiting the Milky Way (Week’s Most Popular)

I wonder ( If those hypothetical civilizations are out there ) just how advanced they would be ? Could be observing us now ? Weighing us in the balances & finding us wanting ? Would they intervene in our affairs if we show we’re not interested in blowing ourselves up, poisoning this world, stripping our world bare of resources, then moving on to other planets ? Part of me would be curious to find out, part of me just likes to ponder this mystery. This universe seems too grand & large for all known life forms to be concentrated on 1 small planet orbiting a medium – size class GO2 star in arm of this sized galaxy.

Maybe we’ll find out in 2, 3 centuries. Maybe in several thousand years. Maybe a few decades. Or never.life-on-other-planets-neil-degrasse-tyson <—- Invoking Neil deGrasse Tyson yet again.

Source: ‘The Habitat of Space-Faring Civilizations?’ –Ancient Star Clusters Orbiting the Milky Way (Week’s Most Popular)

Does E.T. Frighten Religious People ?

I couldn’t think  of a better title at almost 01:30 Friday, okay ? 🙂

I am not an especially religious person. I believe in / hope that there is a God, goddess, Higher Power, ” Entity Greater than Us “, but not 100 % sure, & I try to respect other people’s beliefs even when they minimize or criticize my particular mindset ( Life in the Bible – Belt, extremely religious, ” We don’t question God / the Bible ” relatives, etc. ).

Having said that, if I were a conventionally religious person, I would feel more certain in believing in a God / Supreme Being who is / was practical enough to create a multitude of planets ( counting the apparent WEALTH of astonishing exo – planets outside our solar system ) & putting life on more than a single world orbiting a medium class G0 star in one galaxy.

Most people are very practical about it, ” God created the Sun to give light during the day, the Moon & stars to provide light during the night “, which they do ( My relatives would be among the practical folks ), but that’s their sole reason apparently.

One theory goes as follows – We have been contacted, but scientists, government officials, ( Which government ( s ) ? ) & other Powers That Be are keeping things under wraps because humans & our collective civilization aren’t ready for such world – shaking knowledge yet. Especially our religions. Especially the 3 main monotheistic ones.

Could they be right about the revelation that we were not God’s only children causing massive crises of belief ? Cut back to what I said, speaking for myself. My belief in God / a Supreme Being would be reinforced by revealing that we were & are visited by observers from at least one other extraterrestrial civilization -Although they might very well look at almost a century’s worth of observations & conclude that we were too primitive, childlike / childish or else just too insane to be contacted & invited to join an interstellar United Planets or Federation just yet. & this is assuming that they actually exist, are advanced enough to make contact, & last but not least, are benevolent & don’t want to use us as lab rats or live – stock ( To Serve Man – Classic Twilight Zone episode. I neglected to get a Youtube video = clip. C’est la vie. )

Could we be God’s ( Which one ? ) / Creation’s / Evolution’s only children ?

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