Possible Viking Settlement in Canada Revealed in Satellite Images

A lot of disparate cultures & ethnic groups are believed to have shaped the ” New World ” : Chinese anchor stones have been found in California, an obscure item called ” The Bat Creek Stone ” in Eastern TN – inscribed with paleo Hebrew script, pottery not too dissimilar to Japanese Jomon ware, for example, & the controversial 9,000 year – old ” Spirit Cave Man ” & Kennewick Man with Caucasian bone structures. But Vikings & early Mediterranean seafarers seem to be the favorite of scholars almost globally.

As I’m 1 / 4th Cherokee, I wonder if the early Native Americans met & mingled with other travelers & traders ( & by ” mingled “, I mean intermarried, intercourse, reproduction, family groups, family trees….. 🙂 ). It would certainly mean revising a LOT of history & getting used to new perspectives, challenging & puncturing many preconceived ideas & concepts.

But that’s what discovery & exploration are ABOUT !


With the help of detailed satellite images, scientists have uncovered what may be a previously unknown Viking settlement in Newfoundland, Canada, news sources report.

Source: Possible Viking Settlement in Canada Revealed in Satellite Images

Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave

The ancient Egyptians had nothing on curses. These ” curse tablets ” are proof of that. Although these curses seemed to be mainly aimed at this Greek family’s tavern ( I believe that good bars are pretty much SACRED anyway ).

I have a BIG book about ancient mythology & folklore which might have something on curse tablets. It’s a different subject than what I’ve covered before, but I have a veritable gallimifrey of interests from A – Z / zed. & interesting. Religious & spiritual practices from all over this crazy blue marble capture my interest, engage my curiosity & keep my mind from crashing like a computer hard – drive with a virus.

If curiosity is MY  ” curse “, then I’m pleased as punch to have it. 🙂 Maybe there are ancient curse tablets out there with curses wishing undying curiosity on people – Now wouldn’t THAT be the coolest ?

May your curse ( or what you may perceive as a curse ) turn out to be your blessing !


The lead tablets, which were meant to curse tavern keepers in ancient Athens, were found in the grave of a young woman who lived 2,400 years ago.

Source: Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave