Earth’s Finished! Time to Build a Backup

This is satire. We’re not like the Magrathean designer world – builders in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Nowhere as advanced – But maybe it’s time to look to Mars, Europa, Titan, Enceladus to continue our journey in case something renders Earth completely uninhabitable. The only drawbacks are :

The lack of a magnetosphere on Mars to shield would – be colonists from radiation. They’d have to live beneath domed complexes or under the Martian surfaces or within crater walls. It would be a monstrous task terra – forming a planet sans magnetosphere.

Europa – Possible ocean beneath the ice, but otherwise non Earth – like.

Titan – Resembles Earth with a primordial ocean – of methane.

Enceladus – Icy, possible tenuous atmosphere

We could still live on these worlds, but not without transplanting oxygen – generating flora, possibly for use as a food source. Vegetarianism would likely be a lifestyle beyond Earth. Or production of a product like Soylent Green. 🙂

Terraforming these worlds would be dicey for the immediate future. & forget Venus. It would be hard to live on, much less terraform, a giant ball of lava covered by layers of carbon dioxide. Mercury, MAYBE.

It’s too bad there’s no DIY for creating an Earth 2. We should try to protect & properly maintain this one until there’s no choice but to leave.Featured Image -- 665


Is it too late for the Earth as we’ve known it? Maybe it’s time to start thinking of building an Earth 2.0, suggests satirist Jon Methven.

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A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams

& 3 – D printers can apparently be used to print somewhat BIZARRE art, too.

I think if it could print ” Audrey II ” from the musical ” Little Shop of Horrors ” or a small model of ” Magenta ” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show ” that would be interesting, too. 🙂


While UK architect William Stanley has recently launched a 3D printed jewelry shop, with which to execute his 3D printable creativity, it may be his 3D printed Skele-structure sculpture that stands heads above some of the other 3D printed work in the industry. The Skele-structure is a design that artfully combines 3D printed replicas of […]

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meeperBOTS Made Custom with 3D Printed Mods – 3D Printing Industry

Hmmmmmmmmmmm……. This is CRAZY ( In a GOOD way 🙂 ) !!
If they can make robots like this as toys, how soon will it be till AFFORDABLE custom – made domestic & other personal types of robots can be produced & made available to anyone with $ 500 – $ 1,500 that they can comfortably part with sans / going into near – bankruptcy ?
Maybe even robots that can help manage environmental concerns ?
If even a FRACTION of the material I’ve been reading has any weight, our world only has to hang in there just a tad bit longer ( 15 – 20 years ? ).

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