$101 million Noah’s Ark rises in Kentucky — Jesus-riding dinosaurs and all

Now I don’t know if there was a literal ” Flood ” a few millennia ago. Most cultures have legends of ” FLOODS ” ( China, Egypt, Babylon / Mesopotamia, India, etc. ) but those cultures were located beside rivers, & if you have rivers, you’re going to have flooding. Inundations. Entire cities submerged under water, mud, muck, earth. The stuff of myth & legends. But Young Earth Creationists believe it as FACT, a global inundation. They also believe that Earth is only 6,000 years old & no MORE.

That would probably mean that the pyramid designed by the Egyptian Imhotep would’ve been hovering in space or that the 6,000 Young Earth school of Creationism is a WHOPPING big fallacy. Or perhaps Imhotep was a highly – intelligent Nile – dwelling crocodile ?

This entire Noah’s Ark thing is just designed to appeal to the people who already believe in the Flood account & the YEC school of thought. As long as they don’t go pushing their ” school of thought ” down my throat, live & let live…..osiris_amidst_the_poinsettas_photo_0479_by_theobsessivebrowser-d89xjsl

Source: $101 million Noah’s Ark rises in Kentucky — Jesus-riding dinosaurs and all


Butchered Mammoth Suggests Humans Lived in Siberia 45,000 Years Ago

Now I’ve got a sudden craving for the flesh of the woolly mammoth. 🙂 I seem to recall a story on the Discovery Channel back in the early 90’s where Russian paleontologists found an intact mammoth frozen in an ice – pack, but this guy is just a skeleton. Still, no telling WHAT we can learn from it about early human dietary habits. I’m certain that early Siberians ( Denisovans, perhaps ? ) WEREN’T vegetarians. & unless the climate was radically warmer, the mammoth & dinosaurs probably didn’t co – exist.

45,000 years – Don’t mention this to Young Earth Creationists….. 🙂


The slashed and punctured bones of a woolly mammoth suggest that humans lived in the far northern reaches of Siberia earlier than scientists had previously thought, a new study finds.

Source: Butchered Mammoth Suggests Humans Lived in Siberia 45,000 Years Ago