Molten Salt Reactors

I was in an online debate about nuclear – energy as a ( relatively ) ” safe ” alternative to fossil fuels. I’m still reading up the subject. The debate got about as hot as a nuclear core in Mt. St. Helens ! NO fuel – source is going to be 100 % fool – proof & fail – safe. Baby – boomers still have memories of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl & NOW Fukushima fresh in our memories.

Apparently molten salt reactors are VERY safe, according to 1 fellow who stood up in favor of nuclear power being clean & dependable alternatives to fossil fuels mucking with our air currents, weather patterns, heat & cold dissipation & releasing toxins that can come back & get into our water – table. Nuclear would be a FAN – DAMN – TASTIC option if it weren’t for the fact that radioactive toxins can leech into soil & water.

And then, what about nuclear – powered aircraft carriers ? Unless I haven’t done all my research, no significant problems have happened with them. But nuclear power still has a ” bogeyman ” stigma about in environmental circles discussing alternative sources. All due to ** 3 ** very unfortunate incidents. I think maybe it’s time to re – think things. That discussion was the pebble that got the avalanche a – rollin’, at least in 1 Google + thread.

_____________________________________________________________________Featured Image -- 71 <—– Pretty sure that THIS wouldn’t happen with nuclear reactors, people.


Molten Salt Reactor use molten fluoride salts as primary coolant, at low pressure. Much of the interest today in reviving the MSR concept relates to using thorium (to breed fissile uranium-233)..

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Was A Buddhist Monk Responsible For The Paris Climate Agreement?

I wouldn’t be surprised much. He has been a gentle, quiet catalyst for change. The very nature of Buddhism discourages calling attention to the ego, the ” I “. Ego is merely an illusion, while change is the essence of life. Still, while Buddhists are detached – in a sense – from the material world & material life, possessions, wealth, & other such, they / we should be mindful of the Earth & respectful of the environment which surrounds us, & mindful that we’re not separated from it. ” Man vs. Nature ” has no place in Buddhist & other Eastern thinking ( In fact, being roughly 1 / 4th Native American Cherokee, the thinking is that man doesn’t ” possess ” land, we are merely temporary guardians of it for our span on Earth – 1 reason why Buddhist & Daoist / Taoist thought has such appeal to me. My Cherokee heritage likes it ! )

Thich Nhat Hanh – Silent agent of change. Good on you.


Christiana Figueres, who led the climate talks, credits Thich Nhat Hanh with having played a pivotal role in helping her forge the deal.

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Huh? Could Cleaner Air Be Worsening Global Warming?

So let’s turn up those coal – powered power plants & turn off the anti – emission cleaners ( I’m talking to YOU, China ! ) ! Everybody drive those cars & motorcycles as much as possible ! Or one of my personal favorite ideas – Drop some bombs into Mt. Vesuvius, Mt. St. Helens, Pinatubo, Krakatoa, etc. ! Let’s fill the sky with particulate matter !

I think that someone needs to re – check their data here….. A second opinion wouldn’t hurt.

Global warming may be exacerbated by an unintentional source: anti-air pollution laws that are making the skies clearer, new research suggests.

Source: Huh? Could Cleaner Air Be Worsening Global Warming?

Many Faiths, One Planet: Spiritual Leaders Call For Climate Action In Paris

Speaking as a ” Spiritually Independent / Spiritual but not religious person “, religion needs to deal with big – picture issues like this, not which religion has ” the truth ” or who should sleep with who. My relatives would disagree, but they don’t read this SECULAR stuff.
As the world’s political leaders head to Paris, religious leaders call on them to respond to the ‘cry of the Earth, the cry of the poor.’

Source: Many Faiths, One Planet: Spiritual Leaders Call For Climate Action In Paris