Story ( idea ) Time, Folks…..

I have had – somewhere between several dozen & several hundred story ideas bouncing around in my cranium for, oh, about 2 or 3 months to a year now.

Anyway – the Syfy  Channel  ( I still LOATHE  the name ” Syfy “, but that’s another story ) has shown the movie ” Warm Bodies ” about 10 times. A movie about a ” zombie apocalypse ” with a happy ending & at least 1 happy couple – what’s not to like ?

Further anyway – What happens AFTER the Corpses come all the way back to life ? They’re reintegrating back into society as people, do they have to try to regain their human rights as well ? I’m reminded of the BBC series ” In The Flesh “. That’s what ” R ” & the former Corpses would have to deal with in my seed of a story idea.

With your indulgence, I will expand upon said story idea ( & maybe even come up with a title ! ) here.

Artificial Suspense, & I Napped Through It…..

I was watching part 1 of the 2 – part National Geographic special ” Saints & Strangers “, falling asleep halfway through it ( Even though I love history more NOW than I did in high school or college ). Then I wake with a start, as it is ending, remembering that it was on opposite ” The Walking Dead “. So the after – episode show ” The Talking Dead ” with Chris Hardwick is on, & I find out, second – hand, that Glenn Rhee survived becoming zombie / walker ( chewer, biter, deadhead….. ) chow, after what seemed like an eternity of breath – holding. Thanks, National Geographic, for scheduling a high – end television 2 parter opposite a hit TV show. Thanks, AMC, for very likely not re – running this episode of ” TWD ” until next Sunday.

I’m a tad bit inclined to think that ” The Walking Dead ” is becoming post – ( zombie ) apocalypse soap – opera. My inner jury is still deliberating & undecided. But it is still one of the relatively few TV series that I give much – if ANY – serious viewing time to.

Links ( & spoilers ) below – The 2nd link may be a little more dependable ( the 1st link leads nowhere, as I checked a minute or 2 ago ).