Discovering Ancient Egypt

Imhotep’s Pyramid, the Prototype.

4,500 years old & designed by Djoser’s vizier Imhotep.

In my mind, he’s the 1st genius. Not only did he design the 1st pyramid, still standing, a testimony to genius, BUT –

He began the art of mummification, the vital part of sending the soul of Pharaoh & everyday Egyptian on the journey to the ” Underworld ” & from studying internal organs, he gained important medical knowledge, which was preserved in at least 1 papyrus.

When the Greeks & Romans entered Egypt during / after the Ptolemaic period, Imhotep’s reputation supposedly preceded him & they venerated him as a god.

Vizier, architect, god – Quite a legacy. Unfortunately, his mummified remains have not been discovered or identified with certainty. But his reputation stands.


Step Pyramid at Saqqara King Djoser’s Pyramid.

Source: Discovering Ancient Egypt

Strange Inspiring Images Created From The Human Body | EARTH POWER

This is very interesting. The subject matter is very interesting. The fact that I haven’t gotten an update from the site in over a week is interesting – & frustrating.

The human body as a world, & as art, Michelangelo & Da Vinci would be proud, I think. This is the stuff of coffee – table books & photo essays. I don’t know if it’s a really ” new ” idea, but I think it’s very interesting. & it may be an artistic, objective, non – clinical means of sex education to youth. I’m not sure about that last bit.

I recommend the site based on what I’ve seen thus far, & I hope that you visit it as well. I’m not sure how often it’s updated, but I hope to receive the next one. Peruse, browse, tell them Daniel sent you….. 🙂


A quick glance through the pictures can give you confusion. They all do look like pictures of landscapes, mountains, hills, valley, cliff, or far away desert.

Source: Strange Inspiring Images Created From The Human Body | EARTH POWER

A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams

& 3 – D printers can apparently be used to print somewhat BIZARRE art, too.

I think if it could print ” Audrey II ” from the musical ” Little Shop of Horrors ” or a small model of ” Magenta ” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show ” that would be interesting, too. 🙂


While UK architect William Stanley has recently launched a 3D printed jewelry shop, with which to execute his 3D printable creativity, it may be his 3D printed Skele-structure sculpture that stands heads above some of the other 3D printed work in the industry. The Skele-structure is a design that artfully combines 3D printed replicas of […]

Source: A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams