Time For Your Close – Up, Biomodels.

Just go to the library. Sponsored by Cellink. Free downloadable 3 – D models / biomodels available to anyone in the industry.

I enthuse about this industry, especially the medical aspects. & when I enthuse, I usually don’t go half – way. It’s not my nature. Get me started on Soleri’s arcologies & the rise of shipping drones sometime, any revolutionary technology with a bunch of positive implications.

The usual disclaimer about the accuracy of the link follows. I had to cut & paste because my computer is 7 – plus years old & acting cranky. Technology has its downside. I keep having to be reminded.

The above 3 – D ” printed ” skull was used in plastic surgery facial remodeling, BTW.


3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause) – 3D Printing Industry

” For a good cause ” & ” Shriner’s Hospital ” / ” burn victims “, & then they had a good share of my attention, which doesn’t happen easily around 06 : 30 !

Source: 3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause) – 3D Printing Industry