A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams

& 3 – D printers can apparently be used to print somewhat BIZARRE art, too.

I think if it could print ” Audrey II ” from the musical ” Little Shop of Horrors ” or a small model of ” Magenta ” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show ” that would be interesting, too. 🙂


While UK architect William Stanley has recently launched a 3D printed jewelry shop, with which to execute his 3D printable creativity, it may be his 3D printed Skele-structure sculpture that stands heads above some of the other 3D printed work in the industry. The Skele-structure is a design that artfully combines 3D printed replicas of […]

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Time For Your Close – Up, Biomodels.

Just go to the library. Sponsored by Cellink. Free downloadable 3 – D models / biomodels available to anyone in the industry.

I enthuse about this industry, especially the medical aspects. & when I enthuse, I usually don’t go half – way. It’s not my nature. Get me started on Soleri’s arcologies & the rise of shipping drones sometime, any revolutionary technology with a bunch of positive implications.

The usual disclaimer about the accuracy of the link follows. I had to cut & paste because my computer is 7 – plus years old & acting cranky. Technology has its downside. I keep having to be reminded.

The above 3 – D ” printed ” skull was used in plastic surgery facial remodeling, BTW.


Passion for Pontificating on 3 – D ” Printing “

Okay, maybe not ” pontificating “, & I wish that the industry would come up with another term besides ” printing  “, but it’s just such a fascinating subject that I feel a certain attraction to it.

& I could almost believe that Gene Roddenberry foretold the whole thing in the various incarnations of Star Trek.

I’m particularly interested in the medical applications of 3 – D ” printing ” & making humanity’s lot just a tiny bit better in that regard – Skin, organ & muscle tissue, or substances similar to them, that can help a lot of people with disorders, diseases & the results of accidents.

If we’re ” playing God “, then I prefer to think God / a Higher Power would say ” Go for it “.

As usual ( Disclaimer ) I can’t always vouch for the accuracy of these links.



New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

This makes me wish I could see one in real – time action. I confess, for all my enthusiasm, I have only seen them in videos – LOTS & LOTS of videos ! It’s like describing one of the Apollo launches when I was nowhere near Kennedy Space Center / the Cape back then.
I believe this can become a ” Cottage Industry ” just like weaving or wine – making were not so terribly long ago. Or they’ll steadily become as ubiquitous & inexpensive as the replicators in the Star Trek universe.

Source: New Printers Populate 3D Printing Korea 2015 – 3D Printing Industry

3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry

Revolutionary ! & it’s going to be even better in the future. If it can ” print ” DNA, what won’t it be able to next.
I think the 1st movie to even HINT at the possibility of 3 – D ” printing ” was Sam Raimi’s 1990 ” Darkman ” ( Liam Neeson as Peyton Westlake / ” Darkman ” ) involving a scientist who can fabricate synthetic skin for burn victims / other disfigurements often employing photography.
I’ve said it before : I’m somewhat HOOKED on this science application.

Source: 3DFlow’s 3D Zephyr Software Takes Photogrammetry into the Future – 3D Printing Industry

Oxford Researcher Recovers Jurassic Epoch Fossils with 3D Printing – 3D Printing Industry

Nothing says HAPPY THANKSGIVING quite like fossils in 3 – D recreations !
As a collector of ( smaller, MUCH SMALLER ) fossils & an adolescent ” rockhound ” nerdboy, this is something I could seriously get into.
As in ” Wow ! “, ” nerdgasm “, indulging my inner science geek – guy. Not quite ” Jurassic Park ” but we all know what happened there….. 🙂

I took the photo below a couple of years back & tinkered with it at the University of TN campus, Knoxville, TN, BTW.

Altered photo of dinosaur cast.
Altered photo of dinosaur cast.

Source: Oxford Researcher Recovers Jurassic Epoch Fossils with 3D Printing – 3D Printing Industry

3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause) – 3D Printing Industry

” For a good cause ” & ” Shriner’s Hospital ” / ” burn victims “, & then they had a good share of my attention, which doesn’t happen easily around 06 : 30 !

Source: 3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause) – 3D Printing Industry

Three Signs from formnext that the Fully Automated 3D Printing Factory Is Coming – 3D Printing Industry

Some of the terms I just barely – BARELY ! – understand, but there’s just so much about this industry that can help humanity on SO MANY levels.
If I could turn back time’s heady flight, I’d go back with what I’m learning – Only the essentials right at present – & get involved in some way ( Medical applications, space technology, micro – circuitry….. ). If I came away a little wealthy, so be it….. 🙂

Source: Three Signs from formnext that the Fully Automated 3D Printing Factory Is Coming – 3D Printing Industry

Pompeii – Restoring it & Recording it.

79 A.D. would have been a very BAD time to be in Pompeii, Herculaneum or ANYWHERE in the vicinity of Mt. Vesuvius.

Roughly 2 millennia later, the city of Pompeii is still in peril – from the footsteps of tourists, & even the CO2 they exhale, not to mention auto emissions from nearby towns & other elements of 21st century life.

But, as it happens, Kickstarter is beginning a campaign to fund an inter – disciplinary team for the restoration & conservation of the historical town. & 1 team is going to use digital imagery taken by remote – controlled drone & from the ground to virtually restore Pompeii.

With the unintended damage wrought by tourist traffic & other factors, maybe a ” virtual ” tour will be the best way to see the strange, eerie wonders of Pompeii, Herculaneum ( Ercalano ) or for that matter, the Valley of the Kings, Petra, the Giza Plateau & other sites from the ancient world.

The ancient world still has some things to teach us, even if we have to learn virtually.

I hope BOTH links work.

Villa of the Mysteries – Video & virtual mapping :

Made In Space Archinaut to 3D Print Large Structures in Space – 3D Printing Industry

Here I enthuse again about 3 – D ” Printing ” –
As long as humans can supply the right materials, these devices are going to be able to turn out just about anything.
& if a 3 – D ” Printing ” facility can be located in outer space ( Near Earth Orbit orbit or between Earth & the Moon ), the less the chance of it becoming a source of toxic waste like facilities on Earth have a tendency to become.
For the time being, it’s science fiction, but sometimes fiction can become fact. Big Business can actually help the average guy, no matter where they live.
Something ( else ) to think about when you look up at a full Moon rising in a night sky, or Hell, even in the daytime. PROGRESSIVES !

Source: Made In Space Archinaut to 3D Print Large Structures in Space – 3D Printing Industry