Afloat in the Vast Sea of the Infosphere – My stream of Consciousness Floats…..

All THANKS to a cranky 7 year old desktop computer that I threaten with almost clockwork regularity. Laptops ? They are the French Poodles of the data sharing & storage world. iPads ? Feh on them ! Smartphones or cell phones with e – mail / web – browsing capability ? I’ll get back to you when I find one that works for me.

I stick to the Gutenberg printing press, the Olivetti of computing, the desktop computer. When it works, it works well. Then sometimes I have to take it in for surgery. I’m a computer – addict, but I can get away from when I have to because my apartment ain’t in Trump Towers ( & I’m glad it isn’t ) & I enjoy my fresh air & space. & petrol fumes. 🙂 & the local small town history after living in a larger area.

It feels interesting to put my thoughts out there with about several billion other people. More than 15 minutes of fame, as the late Warhol prophesied.

Stay frosty folks. Maybe I’ll hit the right combination of notes playing my digital concerto for you.