There Is Always One. (Bullies in the workplace)

I can identify. I wasn’t necessarily bullied on my last job, but I was nitpicked almost to the breaking point. So I, in turn, turned into something of a petty tyrant who sought to quash dissent. I worked in giving on – the – job training, or OJT, young adults with disabilities, so I’m not really proud of my petty dictatorial actions.

Grumpy Man



“What are the people like at your work?”

Pick an answer from the following replies.

(a) They are a great team. It’s great to be working with such an enthusiastic, motivated and happy set of people.

(b) Well, There’s always one.

I wish that I could say, that throughout my career, my answer would have been most often (a). Unfortunately, more often than not, it has definitely been (b). Usually followed by a wry smile and a nod that infers….”You know what I mean.”

If your answer to this question is (b), then this guide is for you.

Over a number of years, I have closely studied management and management techniques in a retail environment. I am not a psychiatrist nor do I have any qualifications in this area other than my experience.

At the heart of…

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