10 most ridiculous death scenes in the ‘Final Destination’ franchise

# 9 – OK, I laughed when the jock bought it. Sue me. It came out of left field. The message inscribed in the gym ” What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger ” reeked of irony .
# 6 – The 2 spoiled, presumably well – to do air – heads had it coming. KARMA !
# 5 – Holy Malcolm McDowell in ” A Clockwork Orange “. Many of these deaths would win Darwin Awards. Their victims’ DNA would be, presumably, removed from the gene pool. Sorry, your ticket to Valhalla is void. I’ve never done activities that risky, not even when I tried to open a wine bottle with my Swiss Army pocket knife & punctured my thumb, striking a gusher. Being inept takes talent. 🙂

The Gore Gaze

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in horror sequel Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3 (2006)
Dir: James Wong / Studio: New Line Cinema

The Final Destination franchise has been a huge part of post-Millennium horror cinema since the first film was released in 2000.

Each film in the franchise follows a series of, often photogenic, teens as they are slowly picked off by Death after escaping their original fate by virtue of a fortunate premonition. The premise is simple ? no one can cheat death.

Increasingly, it is the elaborate death sequences that have come to define the franchise. For many fans, the plot is nothing more than a sideshow as it is the highly choreographed and stylised flourishes of violence that keep audiences coming to the cinema. The five films have made in excess of $600m at the global box office* and another sequel seems almost inevitable.

So, in celebration of one of cinema’s splatteriest series, here are the ten…

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