Superman Lives: The Film That Wasn’t

I had also heard that they were considering Jack Nicholson to voice the character of ” K “, an AI stand – in for Jor – el in Superman Returns. I really have no idea what Nicolas Cage would’ve been like as Superman – especially after being up to his ears in a remake of ” Left Behind “.

eleven 17 studios

There’s not much left unsaid about Superman, he is the original superhero, a symbol in not only popular culture but also in history itself. He’s the flagship character of the massive company DC comics, and probably the most powerful character ever. All of this is no news to you, unless you grew up somewhere without paper, internet or television. As with Superman the character, Superman the movie (1978) was a cornerstone in film history. Christopher Reeve’s charm and the lighthearted tone was a perfect way to take an iconic character to the silver screen.

But, after four installments in 1987 interest in the hero had started to drop. Two years later, we got what was considered the first “gritty” depiction of a superhero with Batman (1989). The success of this film led to three sequels and three different Batmen. They were more than commercially successful, breaking records for the time…

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