Superman as Defined by Lex Luthor

Lex – in some cases – tended to underestimate Superman as an overmuscled Eagle Scout, when, in fact, Krypton was a world where science reigned supreme. The people had a past where their passions had nearly DESTROYED them, so the Kryptonians turned to humanism ( I guess ) & an almost Vulcan devotion to rationality, logic & reason.
Superman is, of course, very human psychologically, but he comes from a good background. Apparently Lex is unaware of it ( Which I can’t imagine ) or just very dismissive of it, believing Supes to be nothing more than Dudley Do – Right with super – powers & a cape.

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“You can learn a lot from someone you hate.”-Lex Luthor, Smallville

A sage artist (Bruce Willis) once said that “Any story where you have good guys versus bad guys can only be as smart as the intelligence of your baddest guy”. In essence, he’s saying that the villain makes the plot.

hans gruber002

In regards to Die Hard (1988), the movie Bruce was referring  too, the antagonist Hans Gruber is a cultured terrorist who turns out to just be a thief. His personality is in stark contrast to the crude McClane, who manages to outsmart the more educated Gruber with wily “street” tactics. Gruber helps define what’s heroic about McClane: his earthiness as opposed Gruber’s refinement, his brusqueness as opposed to Gruber’s smoothness. If not for Gruber, McClane would just be an asshole.

What makes a hero a hero, and actually creates the necessary conflict for a strong plot,is a villain who…

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