Gulmarg Kashmir: “Meadow of Flowers”

looks not too different from the Appalachian mountain region in the Eastern United States. I used to hike the Appalachian area as a younger, skinnier man. 🙂 Looks charming !

The Quantum Thought

Gulmarg, the “Meadow of Flowers,” is the poster child of Kashmir’s tourist attractions (even for locals.) To reach this mountainous meadow, one must follow the raw road out from Srinagar city through otherworldly villages on a road lined by poplars and richly colored mustard and rice fields. For some road trips, you need to bring the entertainment of books, music, etc; for this trip, the road is your entertainment.


Soon, you notice the terrain rising: you notice forests of countless evergreens inclining first as hills then as mountains. You spot characteristic Kashmiri houses clustered in no logical order in the green valleys formed by these mountains. You notice the air begins to taste like air, just air; the breeze becomes cooler; your ears start to pop; the road narrows, and your stomach drops as you register the height difference from the car to the valley floor.

Kashmir 2011 179

Swirling through the one-way, stingily paved…

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