The ignorance of tea party conservatives is so outrageous it’s scary

Endeavouring to explain how the Tea Party became the homophobic, bigoted, paranoid, mostly whites – only, Protestant Christian only, Young Earth Creationists, geocentric, I could go on & on ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad absurdum, until the cows come home, until hell freezes over, etc.

Lloyd Lofthouse

Some guy or gal named Axelrod (probably a guy but you can’t tell on the Internet) demonstrated his ignorance of the tea party movement and its claim that it only wants a smaller federal government. Axelrod revealed a truly frightening fact—that there are many really ignorant people in America who are allowed to vote. (

Axelrod claimed that the basic tenets of the Tea Party were to reduce taxes, limit the size of government and hold people responsible for their actions. Okay, but there are a lot of facts conservatives ignore that the tea party movement might be the 21st century’s racist Nazi party or Ku Klux Klan. Read on to discover why I dare say this.

Where were the tea party people when President Ray-gun (do you remember President Reagan’s Star Wars weapons program? Probably not) added $2.6 Trillion to the national…

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