Trump supporter looks forward to ‘Christian supremacist’ society where Muslims will be put to death

Why has the GOP become the party of extremist religionists, hate groups, bigots, xenophobes, people who make Charles Manson sound like a model of mental stability, white supremacists, people who want to speed up Armageddon, & a host of other right – wing pseudo – religious, elitist whackaloons ? I see an article like this & it just pushes my buttons ( Button singular ? ) & makes me want to yank that god – awful ‘do off of Donald Trump’s head ! 🙂

The tags for this are all NEGATIVE for a VERY good reason, folks…..

Source: Trump supporter looks forward to ‘Christian supremacist’ society where Muslims will be put to death

Sci-Fi Classic ‘Childhood’s End’ TV Miniseries Debuts Tonight

I’m watching the 1st installment of the Syfy production ” Childhood’s End ” ( based on ) Arthur C. Clarke’s novel – Which, unfortunately, I never read.

The initial scenes come off like the re – vamped ” V ” series & MAYBE ( maybe ) the classic Twilight Zone episode ” To Serve Man “, & a few dashes of ” The Day the Earth Stood Still “ ( Klaatu, Barada, Nikto ? )

Classic benevolent would – be leaders, the Overlords, disable all the weaponry of the planet ( I’m assuming this means firearms. Sorry, NRA ), leaving us effectively vulnerable, however. There are apparently 2 groups – Those who’ve given up on God / A ” Higher Power ” / Goddess, etc., & those apparently willing to accept the Overlords as Gods / Goddesses / ” Higher Power ” surrogates – substitutes, SO religion & the trappings therein, belief, faith & spirituality do exist as an element in ” Childhood’s End “, although not blatantly nor ” loudly “.

I’m watching this with something of a critical eye. Some science – fiction & fantasy writers’ work ( Ray Bradbury is a good example of a sci – fi writer whose prose doesn’t always translate smoothly into the visual medium ) doesn’t make an easy transition to the big or small screen, A. C. Clarke’s is no exception

I hold out hope, though. Syfy alienated / put off its fan following in 2010 with a spate of ” reality ” / occult / unexplained series, deliberately BAD made – for – Syfy movies & WRESTLING. They’re trying, bless their hearts, to get them back.

” Childhood’s End ” may tend towards the formulaic, but let’s see….. What Would Arthur Think ?SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

P.S. & BTW : I am watching the 2 – night miniseries ” The Expanse “, & apart from a ( Ronald D. Moore ) Battlestar Galactica flashback, so far I am NOT blown away overmuch.


A TV miniseries based on Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction classic “Childhood’s End,” debuts tonight (Dec. 14) on the Syfy network.

Source: Sci-Fi Classic ‘Childhood’s End’ TV Miniseries Debuts Tonight

Conservative actress tells Fox: Darth Vader is black because it’s in the Bible and ‘Jesus talks about it’

Where do they get THESE WHACK – JOB Helium – Heads ?

If anyone else said this, they’d be laughed at & derided everywhere they went !

& excuse me for saying so, but they’d deserve EVERY LAST BIT !!

& how do they connect the Bible with a science – fiction fantasy story ? Oh, right…… Fox Faux news.


Source: Conservative actress tells Fox: Darth Vader is black because it’s in the Bible and ‘Jesus talks about it’ –

Christmas / Yuletide Greetings – From Ted Neeley !

For those of you who weren’t brought up Amish / Mennonite in your early years, or missed out on the 70’s, Ted Neeley may not have been a household name, but he gained no small measure of recognition / fame / even infamy for playing Jesus Himself in ( of course ) the Rock opera ” Jesus Christ Superstar ” He had some small, one shot roles in some TV series & smaller roles in other movies ( ” Django Unchained ” which I haven’t seen. End of discussion. )

The man is 70 years old, & still sings with the passion he had when he was in ” JCS “, & very likely still has his fans, AKA ” Tedheads.

Anyway, enough from me as a humble messenger – A Christmas treat from MR. Ted Neeley. ( If the links work, it’ll be counted as a Christmas / holiday miracle. 🙂 )


OK, I see the links aren’t going anywhere – Anyway Ted Neeley has his own channel on Youtube. & his Rock Opera can be found THERE. So trust me, this WILL find a place on your playlist for the holidays – Unless you’ve had my experiences with Youtube…..

Sunday Morning Spirituality

Finally – I THINK ( Could it be ? ) that someone in the sphere of ” organized religion ” GETS IT !

We need a little less formal religion / religious indoctrination ( Bricks & mortar ) & more spirituality to imbue the institutions with.

This is a rare post for me, as I’m ” One of the Nones ” / ” Spiritually Independent ” after spending many decades in one denomination after another.

Just a spoonful of thought…..

via Sunday Morning Spirituality.

Not quite the celebration of Advent –

BUT it IS getting close.

In any of its 2 – 3 ( ? ) Incarnations, The Twilight Zone has been MORE than a science – fiction, fantasy, adventure series.

In fact, back in its Golden Age, it really broke ground on topics such as human rights, race – relations, politics, belief, the workings of the human mind, & related areas.

They had 2 Christmas episodes that became part of the 1980’s reboot, one  being in the classic version. BOTH unforgettable, & both quite capable of eliciting a lump in the throat – ” Night of The Meek ” & an episode based on an Arthur C. Clarke short story, ” The Star “.

My friends, I reach into my Serling – esque bag to give you the 1980’s Twilight Zone Version of Arthur C. Clarke’s ” The Star “, as an early Christmas / Yule / holiday – time present ( Provided the link works. IT BETTER. 🙂 2115 hours – Maybe you could look it up on Youtube. It is a GOOD episode )

Action 363 – Virus X

Why did the authorities in the correctional facilities of the 60’s Silver Age DC comic universe let an imprisoned Lex Luthor anywhere within 500 feet, no, YARDS, nay MILES of any kind of laboratory equipment, tools, test – tubes, Bunsen burners, medical equipment, solutions, gadgets or devices back in DC’s Silver Age ? Anyone with more than a brain – stem could tell that Luthor would just get up to no good with it, & he’d just use said equipment & other resources in a scheme against Supes & / or one of his friends or associates. People were just too trusting & naive back then. A somewhat simpler time compared to present cynicism. SIGH…..
Anyway, I am something of an old comic fan / present – day sci – fi geek. & Apparently ” Virus X ” was the only other item besides green Kryptonite ( & some forms of occult influences / magic ) that paused a clear & present danger to ” The Big Blue Boy Scout ” & let us not forget exposing him to red simulated sunlight approximating Krypton’s sun then doing something to him that would endanger his health & life.
P.S. :
I have had some trouble with my computer, aggravated by a dodgy monitor so I haven’t done much blogging lately. Hopefully I’ll be back for a longer time…..

Superman coat with cape
Superman coat with cape

Source: Action 363 – Virus X

Time For Your Close – Up, Biomodels.

Just go to the library. Sponsored by Cellink. Free downloadable 3 – D models / biomodels available to anyone in the industry.

I enthuse about this industry, especially the medical aspects. & when I enthuse, I usually don’t go half – way. It’s not my nature. Get me started on Soleri’s arcologies & the rise of shipping drones sometime, any revolutionary technology with a bunch of positive implications.

The usual disclaimer about the accuracy of the link follows. I had to cut & paste because my computer is 7 – plus years old & acting cranky. Technology has its downside. I keep having to be reminded.

The above 3 – D ” printed ” skull was used in plastic surgery facial remodeling, BTW.

Amazon Unveils Its Delivery Drone of the Future

Meet George Jetson – or his drone. 🙂
The image of a drone landing on the roof of my apartment with packages for the folks is intriguing – I can imagine one ” dressed up ” with tinsel garlands & holiday decor about now. VERY INTRIGUING !

But the question that must still be asked – Where are our flippin’ flying cars ? Or these sizable craft that will resemble flying saucers or very ** large ** Frisbees taking people cross – country on commutes ?
But – That’s another question for yet anytime, fellow dwellers in the blog – sphere.

The company says that delivery drones could be as “normal” as mail trucks someday.

Source: Amazon Unveils Its Delivery Drone of the Future