Wearable Sensors Could Translate Sign Language Into English

This is a refreshing break for me & my blood presure from venting my anger & frustration / pissedoffedness 🙂 at the GOP’s / Fox ” News ” / Religious Right terminal idiocy over the last week…..

ANYWHO – This new type of wearable sensor (  s ) could really break down a lot of communication barriers someday & change things for a lot of people – including those of us who don’t diddly – squat about sign – language ( I took courses off & on for about 3 years & came away remembering about 1 % of what I studied. It’s not easy. And ASL isn’t the ONLY sign language. ).

A VERY interesting article about how tech can break down some barriers, at least those imposed by nature & / or injury, disorders, etc.


Wearable sensors could one day interpret the gestures in sign language and translate them into English, providing a high-tech solution to communication problems between deaf people and those who don’t understand sign language.

Source: Wearable Sensors Could Translate Sign Language Into English


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