Humans Season 2 cast – Humans AMC TV show – Humans spoilers, pictures

robot-faceI LOVED, LOVED, ** LOVED ** the 1st season of ” HUMANS ” on AMC. I was hoping for a 2nd season & it looks like this will come to pass.
It’s like ” Blade Runner “, ” I, Robot ” ( in series form ) ” A.I. ” & several other concepts about artificial intelligence & ” synthetic people ” blended together.
& humanoid robots exist – although they’re mostly used for P.R. purposes & mostly in Japan & Korea. They can’t do any ” heavy lifting ” & just how artificially – intelligent they are is up for debate. I think the humanoid robots / androids that exist now in the real world are just very – cleverly programmed puppets / electronic marionettes.
But they DO exist, & IF ( Big ” IF ” ) some ideas that I’ve heard have any weight at all, robots & synthetic people might be a reality before the mid – 21st century. AND they’d be affordable ( Maybe on a ” rent to own ” basis ? ) as well.
So the idea ( s ) behind ” HUMANS ” might not be so far – fetched after all ( I said, with memories of ” Small Wonder ” & The early Disney Channel’s ” Not Quite Human ” drifting through my mind – & Asimov’s robot stories, of course ). I’ll be looking forward to see how the plot develops. Would they be servants, or equals ?
Humans Season 2 cast, spoilers, pictures, bios, latest news, show summary, forum and more. Humans (TV show) on AMC is a drama series, based on the award-winning Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans, that is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth — a highly developed, artificially intelligent servant eerily similar to its living counterpart.

Source: Humans Season 2 cast – Humans AMC TV show – Humans spoilers, pictures


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