Are Sobriety and AA Mutually Exclusive?

Sobriety is a transitory state ( Trying to sound Zen / Daoist ). From what I understand about AA, one’s life apparently goes from being about drinking to being about AA. It becomes a lifestyle, sounds like. Like I said, I’ve had no experience with AA. Zero, zed, nada.

The Professional VIP

Alcoholics Anonymous is a big commitment. It’s a lifestyle more than anything. Or at least that is what I have gathered thus far. There are a lot of good things about AA. The community, the “fellowship”, the stories, and the people. It’s all about the people. Joe Strummer, lead singer of the band The Clash, said, “Without people you’re nothing.” I agree with that. Everybody I’ve met in AA has been cool. Some people are a little wonky but who isn’t? The local AA community here in New Hampshire has been very warm and welcoming to me. I’m not even from here really but none the less I’ve found the halls to be inclusive and friendly. But today, I’m not feelin’ it.

I’m trying to start over since dropping out of college (again). Third time’s the charm, bro! I take my sobriety very serious. It’s hard not to after the…

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