Suspense Keeps the Fans Hanging on – Glenn Rhee

2 episodes of The Walking Dead since the possible demise of Glenn, including a feature – length backstory dealing with Morgan’s transition from emotionally – traumatized ” clearer ” to peaceful samurai ( ninja ? ) versed in Aikido, & still no clue as to his fate.

Even when watching the 90 minute TWD special episode “ Here’s Not Here “, wherein Morgan relates his backstory to one of the Wolves, perhaps hoping that he can use some of Eastman’s Aikido – related teaching to rehabilitate one of the ” feral children / teenagers ” ( AKA ” Wolves “, seemingly straight from ” Mad Max ”  ), I found myself holding back the $ 64,000 question – ” OK, now what happened to Glenn ?

This, of course, is a device meant to generate speculation about said character, viewership, & viewers get closure if they hang in there just a little bit longer, another few episodes………….

It also ain’t bad for internet fan – & sci – fi / fantasy media sites either.

& despite protests from Walking Dead fans about ” Here’s Not Here ” being too long, talky, & essentially a 20 – foot tall roadblock smack dab in the middle of the ” Glenn ” & ” Alexandria situation ” story – lines, I think a short break / change of scenery was in order, & I rather enjoyed / felt edified by Morgan’s interesting backstory. Also Eastman’s. RIP, teacher of Morgan ( Would a ” peaceful warrior ” – type be a good leader during a FUBAR situation like a zombie apocalypse ? I’ve no idea. ).

In the meantime – I’ve got a feeling we’re not going to be finding out about Glenn anytime soon, possibly even season 7. This would make for a great soap – opera, & a certainly unique one !

Herein, a commentary from Jeff Haden :


Author: danielrappletonyahoocom

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