I wish Halloween had been like that when I was younger. I would’ve warp – speeded my way into puberty. 🙂 & yet my 1st adolescent encounter with sexuality was the cover of Santana’s ” Abraxas ” album. I could post more about the album cover art. I wish I’d KEPT the thing. Sweet Dreams are Made of This. 🙂

The Professional VIP

I could hate on you ladies. The hairspray. The push-up bras. The stilt-like heels. Oh, Halloween. I remember the line from the seminal 2004 film, Mean Girls in which Lindsay Lohan’s character says “But in girl world, Halloween is the one holiday where a girl is allowed to dress like a total slut and no one is allowed to say anything bad about her“. Amen. This has spilled over into the big time, ladies. You’ve got Instagram followers to impress. Tweets to send. THINK OF THE SNAPCHATS.

The first Halloween where I decided to really slut it up was in 7th or 8th grade. Sheila (remember her from “Tig Ol’ Biddies“?) decided to host a large, class-wide Halloween party at her home. It was the social event of the fall. Given that there were only 35 kids in our class, it’d be rather bumpin’. We were relegated…

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Author: danielrappletonyahoocom

Science - fiction, fantasy, horror & suspense ( But not really " nerd / geek " material ), armchair cultural anthropologist, interested in archaeology ( Although the closest I've been to an actual dig - site was Pinson Mounds outside Memphis ), & interested in the obscure, strange or sometimes things that would bore or put off other people.

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