Requiem for a Throne

This fits – Shortly after October’s end, I start listening to more Classical music, mostly due to the approach of the holidays.

Source: Requiem for a Throne


Author: danielrappletonyahoocom

Science - fiction, fantasy, horror & suspense ( But not really " nerd / geek " material ), armchair cultural anthropologist, interested in archaeology ( Although the closest I've been to an actual dig - site was Pinson Mounds outside Memphis ), & interested in the obscure, strange or sometimes things that would bore or put off other people.

2 thoughts on “Requiem for a Throne”

  1. My pleasure ! Around / during / even after the holidays, I can become a classical music ” junkie “, if you count Trans – Siberian Orchestra & Mannheim Steamroller. 🙂
    & I tried to set a record for listening to George Gershwin’s ” Rhapsody in Blue ” shortly after Christmas. 🙂


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