A 3 – Pound Universe Encased in a Cranium

This Sunday, The National Geographic Channel will broadcast a live operation on a man with Parkinsons, in an effort to alleviate the worst symptoms of the disorder.

Patient Greg Grindley will be conscious during the procedure, performed by Dr. Jonathan Miller & the operation will be broadcast on Sunday evening on Geographic. Definitely a first, even though I usually have very ** little ** positive to say about ” reality tv “. This would appear to be more in the nature of ” live documentary tv “, which I saw more of in my early adolescent through mid – teen years.

The subject of Parkinsons is very close to me because my father definitely had it, & I believe it runs in his side of the family, which means I have a reasonably high probability of developing it as well.

A mere 15 – 20 years ago, I’m sure a surgical procedure like Dr. Miller’s would’ve been almost in the realm of science – fiction ( I’m no authority on medicine despite being around doctors & taking a few introductory classes in college, not counting Forensic Anatomy ).

I’m sure it will be worth missing this Sunday’s episode of AMC’s ” The Walking Dead “. I’m not sure if any video services like Youtube will be live – streaming it. At the least, it should be very enlightening. We basically have an understanding of HOW the brain & nervous system ( Why we attempt to categorize ” brain ” & ” nervous system ” as separate entities even now is a mystery ) works, but how we formulate thoughts, languages, concepts, words, ideas & express them is still a mystery to a lot of people  Even neurologists ( ? ).

I have a feeling this will be worth the time to watch.

Further information : new.nationalgeographic.com/2015/10/151022-brain-surgery-live-deep-brain-stimulation-parkinsons/


Author: danielrappletonyahoocom

Science - fiction, fantasy, horror & suspense ( But not really " nerd / geek " material ), armchair cultural anthropologist, interested in archaeology ( Although the closest I've been to an actual dig - site was Pinson Mounds outside Memphis ), & interested in the obscure, strange or sometimes things that would bore or put off other people.

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