It was an interesting experience. Even though I only caught snatches of said eclipse through cloud cover.

Looking to God

I’m writing this a day after the big eclipse I had the pleasure of watching from the front steps of my home. By the time you read this Freedom Friday post, it will have been a couple of weeks from when it happened.

Blood Moon Blood Moon

Apparently, from reading about the event, the lunar eclipse was not only when the moon was at its closest to the earth in over thirty years, but it also was a super blood moon. For some, the blood moon holds a sacred significance that has led many to speculate the end times is near. I’m not one of those proponents. After all, we’re still here.

The other far-reaching impact of this event is also the fact that Eastern Canada had a full view of the entire event. If you lived in places like Arizona or California, you were out of luck.

I wasn’t sure if I’d…

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